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  1. Memorizing the Skeletal Muscles

    I memorized one body part at a time. Some of the muscles have the similar names to the bones they are attached, their shape, and the motion they make. If you memorize one arm they are the same on the other arm and the same with the leg and so on. Hop...
  2. CU UCAN spring 2016

    Thanks for creating the Facebook page! Did you get an interview?
  3. CU UCAN spring 2016

    That's great! Congrats! I haven't heard anything so figuring no interview which is a bummer but didn't have high expectations as I am just finishing up prereq's this summer. I do have 15 years of experience in physical therapy and in cardiac and stro...
  4. CU UCAN spring 2016

    I am with you on the anxious and excited! I am hoping for good news as well but trying to keep my hopes a little down at the same time. Hope we hear sooner rather than later but they did say that tomorrow is a holiday for them so figuring Monday. Let...
  5. CU UCAN spring 2016

    Hey there! Just checking to see if there is anyone who applied for the CU UCAN program for Spring 2016?! I got an email stating that the interview announcements are delayed due to computer issues with the nursing cas site but not sure when exactly we...