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  1. nursy_2014

    Cancelling a contract

    It doesn't say anything in my contract about them providing housing or rental car. I did speak to my recruiter and she said I would lose my stipend and I'd be making about $2,000 a month. I have child support and health insurance that run me $1200/mth sorry a car is a necessity as is car insurance food and gas. I have spoken with my recruiter about the situation and she has stated I am not allowed to leave the facility and she has not talked to me since. I have asked some fellow travel nurses I work with and they have given me their experiences of them self and others they have known who had to leave as well.
  2. nursy_2014

    Cancelling a contract

    I am on a contract in New Hampshire that is supposed to go until August 29. I recently became homeless as my fiancé kicked me out and left me carless. I've tried asking for help from everyone at the facility and family and friends and no one has housing or knows of any or can help. The town is in the middle of nowhere. No buses Uber taxis or anything. No rooms to rent and no apt without signing a year lease. There are hotels but they are minimum $80/night and to rent a car and have the facility cover my housing I wouldn't bring home enough to pay all other bills I need to keep up with. I've explained the situation to my recruiter and she said I am not allowed to leave my assignment. I have family that can let me live with them but that is in Florida. How do I get out of my contract so I can go home and at least have a roof over my head and some help?
  3. nursy_2014

    Online schools

    I'm at a dead end right now and not sure where to go. I'm getting burnt out with nursing I think. My GPA is a 2.0 sadly as I was never good at taking tests, and I want to get back into school. I'm looking for an online school that will accept me. I'm eventually wanting to become a NP. I am only a LPN right now. I'm already 34 and getting discouraged. Any tips?
  4. nursy_2014

    Discouraged and ready to give up

    I became an LPN in 2014. I had hopes of becoming an RN. I started travel nursing at first because I wanted to travel and work st the same time. I've never been anyplace really exciting. After a while it because the way I paid my bills. Meaning my expenses are so high that I have to travel as it pays my bills. The main reason is child support and health insurance. My other expenses are very minimal it's just the child support and health insurance that make up half of my expense cost monthly. So, here I am 3 years later feeling my like I'm a stupid nurse as I feel I have forgotten everything I learned. I am over working long term care. It's officially wearing me out. I want to do something different but need to continue being a travel nurse. I'm not even sure nursing is what I want to do anymore honestly. I do want to stay in the healthcare field and would love to go back to school online as it travels with me for my job. Any advice? Feeling very overwhelmed lost and feeling discouraged right now. I see so many LPNs doing all these amazing things and working in amazing positions and it's frustrating that I am stuck. Please no rude comments.
  5. nursy_2014

    Looking for Online Programs

    I am a travel LPN and want to get my Associates degree to become an RN. I am wondering if anyone known of any schools that offer complete online programs?
  6. nursy_2014

    Travel Company Saying I can be reported

    I called the DON left a message and told my recruiter a few days ago and he just simply ignored me. My contract says nothing about penalties and i was never told about any. The living situation was unreasonable and I tried talking to them and they said I had to deal with it. I was in a room with a resident, had to use a resident shower and had to share the bathroom with 3 residents. I had no place to store food or even cook, and I was charged for all meals that I had at the facility. My recruiter is also trying to say that because the facility did not sign my time sheets that I was not going to get paid so I just lost a $1,000 check and he said oh well I should have had them sign the time sheets before emailing them to payroll. I decided Friday that I had had enough with my recruiter ignoring me and the situation and told him and he said he would talk to me and then began ignoring me. So i left notes, left voice mails and tried talking to my recruiter and got no response from him until I left. The orientation sucked but that is not a big deal it just would have sucked if I would have messed something up.
  7. nursy_2014

    Travel Company Saying I can be reported

    it said i would have orientation and on the schedule here it said i would have at least of shift of orientation which i didnt get. i re-read my contract and it said i would incur charges that the company covered for me and the only thing they covered was my physical. it doesnt say anything about fines or anything. all i was told was i would be blacklisted with that particular traveling company.
  8. nursy_2014

    Travel Company Saying I can be reported

    the recruiter never told me id be in strictly nursing homes. i thought this was just where they had something and he knew what i wanted from the get go. it may not be a huge notice but im off the weekend and have a family emergency that needs to be taken care of. its not like im not letting people or the managers know. im trying to talk to my recruiter but hes ignoring me. he wont answer me. i knew id be stying in the facility and i was told before i got here id have orientation and i didnt even receive a day. as far as my check, will i still get my check for hours i worked? and what about my reimbursement which was in the contract? the only thing my contract said was i would be billed for housing and anything else the company covered for me except i didnt have to pay for housing. i couldnt even provide myself with food.
  9. nursy_2014

    Travel Company Saying I can be reported

    I was sent on an assignment with CoreMedical and have free housing as I am staying at the facility. I was lied to by my recruiter and have decided that i just cannot finish my assignment. I left a note for the DON explaining things as well as my recruiter and he is saying that I can be reported. What is he talking about? I am not getting housing covered as I am living in the facility I am working at. I pay for my own food and I pay for everything that I have had to get. I was supposed to reimbursed for traveling here, my week of work, and my reimbursement to get a license in another state. What does he mean I can get reported? I am leaving because the situation in itself is not what I signed up for. I never got any orientation and was told as long as i worked with them I would never work outside of anything but nursing homes so yea I have no desire to work this assignment anymore and he is ignoring me.