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  1. A little background: I was a LPN for an internal medicine clinic for 3.5 years. I am now a RN at a neuro/spine unit (1 year) while still working at the clinic PRN. I love bedside nursing and neuro/spine but am not satisfied with the pay and I currently feel that I’m “stuck” and have a “is this it?” mentality. I’m considering both the AGACNP route and the Nurse Executive Leadership/Administration route and am not sure which to take. I’ve heard some nurses who’ve completed their MSN AGACNP and are unable to find jobs so that is why I am considering the Nurse Leadership/Admin route, but don’t know much about those who have gotten this, availability of finding a job, or what type of jobs they do. Any insight on either paths or advice/suggestions from those who’ve gone through what I am feeling are greatly appreciated!
  2. crownsk

    PM/Weekend RN program?

    Hello everyone! I am currently an LPN and am trying to pursue becoming an RN. Unfortunately, my work schedule is not very flexible and am required with the option of looking for an evening/weekend program. I've heard Cumberland University has one but are there other programs like that around Nashville? Thank you in advance!!
  3. crownsk

    TCAT LPN school?

    I applied for the one in nashville and knoxville.
  4. crownsk

    TCAT LPN school?

    Has anyone applied to the TCAT LPN program in Nashville or Knoxville? I recently applied and was wondering when we find out if we got accepted or denied? Thank you!
  5. crownsk

    TCAT LPN school?

    I applied and was wondering when we know if we got accepted or denied? Thank you!
  6. Hi, I applied for the TCAT Practical nursing in Nashville and will apply in Knoxville and was wondering how long it would take to know if you got accepted or denied? Thank you!

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