How should I prepare for an ICU position interview as a nurse with no ICU experience?

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Hello all,

I have 3 years experience at an Internal Medicine clinic (adults, geriatrics, pediatrics, and acute care) as an LPN and 1 year experience at a neuro and spine unit as an RN.

I applied to some neuro ICU positions and was contacted by a manager on a position available. She said the interview will mainly be to see if I will be able to appropriately handle ICU or to see if I have to go through another residency program.

I felt confident at first because I have a passion for neuro and am pretty good at my job but how do I prepare for an ICU position interview with no ICU experience? What should I prepare myself with/review for the interview?


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ICU is a completely different beast, and more critical if neuro or cardio IMO. Resp is crucial too but you have the help of resp therapy most times. I would request the residency program if it's an option. If not, I would ask for a 6 week orientation. You can always shorten it if you feel comfortable but if you don't, let them know so they can extend the orientation or make sure you have the help and support you need if they give you your own assignment. Only you what your limitations are.


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23 hours ago, crownsk said:

1 year experience at a neuro and spine unit as an RN

Emphasize what you did on that unit that would relate to the Neuro ICU.