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  1. I just got accepted into ISU, but still have 2 classes to take. ( Chem and College algebra) So as of right now i'm Pre LVN-BSN. I know it's competitive. I'm just wondering how they choose who gets in. Is there a points system? If so, what were the av...
  2. Weatherford College LVN Spring 2016

    I know this is probably a shot in the dark, but could anyone shed light on the clinicals? I start in the fall and I'm trying to get an idea of what clinicals will be like schedule wise. Do they work with you on clinicals to give you something that f...
  3. Weatherford College LVN Fall 2016

    I agree with RN goals. A FB group would be nice :-)
  4. Weatherford College LVN Fall 2016

    I'm driving from peaster. I'm not far from the school, but the clinicals might be further. I know we might have clinicals in Fort Worth.
  5. Weatherford College LVN Fall 2016

    OK, so that's probably something we will figure out later on. I'm really hoping we do 8 hrs because of child care. It might be a bit hard finding someone to watch my kids outside of daycare hours. :-/
  6. Weatherford College LVN Fall 2016

    Does anyone know what the clinical hours look like?
  7. Weatherford College LVN Fall 2016

    I got into LVN program in the spring too and gave up my spot. So I actually got the blue card in the mail ( the thing u get after the background check is done) this past Friday. My envelope has the same as yours.I'm guessing you will get your blue ...
  8. Weatherford College LVN Fall 2016

    Hmm maybe all campus's are having orientation at the same place. Is you orientation on the main campus too?
  9. Weatherford College LVN Fall 2016

    I applied for the main campus so I'm assuming that's the one I got into. I think maybe the parking pass for orientation will say which campus. I think....
  10. Weatherford College LVN Fall 2016

    I got in with 10 points. You should be getting a letter soon. :-)
  11. Weatherford College LVN Fall 2016

    Thanks ladies. I meant to post earlier but I forgot my password and user name lol. I had 10 points and got my acceptance letter last week. The acceptance letters were sent out on Friday the 20th. Does anyone have an idea on what to expect for clinic...
  12. Weatherford College LVN Fall 2016

    Has anyone applied to the LVN Fall 2016 at Weatherford college? If so how many points did you have? I have 10 and am curious how I compare to others. I know it's kind of early,but has anyone received an acceptance letter or know when they're supposed...
  13. Weatherford College LVN Program Fall 2015

    Hello, I know this question has been asked before, but for those of you who got in, what were your points? Were you an alternative? I plan to apply for spring 2016. I think I will have 12 points. I need a little encouragement! Any insight would be ap...