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  1. vic.10

    New Grad/Hate My Job/Life is Miserable!

    It is very true! I have no option to quit + I love nursing with all my heart. However, there are days when I feel I am making full of myself. I graduated with high grades, got hired off my preceptorship, received thanks from patients and recognition from co-workers and bossed, but then I get a day like today and I just want to roll in a ball and die. I feel so incompetent, so stupid and so defeated today. I know I will pick myself up tomorrow and go again, but it is so hard to do. I love that we nurses constantly learning, but I also feel that doctors loosing trust in a nurse when she makes even smallest mistakes. What I have done today is listened to a nurses report to me and called the doctor about the issue, the information was not true, she probably missed up the pt's in her head. I end up looking like a fool and a liar and idiot. Especially because the doc hand up on me after correcting me for 5 minutes.
  2. vic.10

    New grad in hospice = doomed?

    Thank you so very much for your response to the nurse just like me. I had same thoughts brewing because I accepted hospice case manager position as a new grad. I too had many nurses telling me that ICU is better and I am good at it and "you don't have to critically think at hospice" and that's why when you decide to take hospital job no one will want you". I strongly disagree with that. I was critically thinking a lot during my preceptorship. I was hired right after hospice preceptorship because I did an "awesome job" and I really cannot picture myself doing anything else. I love hospice and now I know I will do great! gala
  3. vic.10

    new graduate advice

    Thank you very much for your advice. I see now why nurses told me that hospice is not the best choice right out of school. Yes, my goal is to become a certified ICU nurse.
  4. vic.10

    Jobs out of school

    I got hired right after the preceptorship.
  5. vic.10

    new graduate advice

    Hello to all, I am a new nursing graduate and was hired to be a hospice nurse right after my hospice preceptorship. I love hospice and always wanted to work for hospice, but was told by many local nurses that hospice is not the best path a new graduate should take. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I want to add that I have been a CNA for 5 years and a Medical Assistant for 4years and my employer thinks I succeeded during my preceptorship. I have not started at the hospice yet. thank you