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  1. I've been in home for many years and not have any issues except with family members stealing patients medications. We do have police escorts if needed into certain homes but usually families are very kind. Some of the homes are very dirty but otherwise patients and families are happy to see you and appreciate the care
  2. Our agency does computer charting. We do our charting during our visit and inform the patient that we will be doing this so " everyone has the most up-to-date information " it does take him about 60- 65 minutes to complete her charting and longer if the patient has issues along with phone calls to doctors. I have been with homecare for approximately eighteen years and only three of those did we not do use a computer it is just something to get used to but it does work well . Everyone is able to see what is going on with the patient and it makes for better communication and it looks older even the paper charting was faster and took about half an hour. I think you should go back to home care. Computer charting is not the worst
  3. I am considering changing my field after 25 years in home health and I was considering an assisted living. Has anyone worked in one and what was your experience was it good or bad? It is a brand new assisted-living and it has 45 patients with all med techs. What are your thoughts good or bad.