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considering changing specialty area after 25 years

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I am considering changing my field after 25 years in home health and I was considering an assisted living. Has anyone worked in one and what was your experience was it good or bad? It is a brand new assisted-living and it has 45 patients with all med techs.

What are your thoughts good or bad.

Marisette, BSN, RN

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I have not worked assisted living, but I have worked in dialysis for about 25 years. I left for a little while, but returned to my previous employer after my not for profit job did not get a grant to continue providing services. I can tell you, it's really difficult to move from one area to another after you have worked in a particular area for years. It can be very challenging, but if you are up for the challenge, go for it. I have done some home visits, and I can tell you, it too has it's challenges, so it depends on how bad you want to leave your current specialty. I have heard some assisted living facilities have patients that belong in long term care. Consequently, depending on what you are looking for, it's really important to interview your potential employer so you know what you are getting into and see if you feel it's worth the "risk" of changing your specialty to assisted living. I know, not a great answer, but I thought why not give it a try. I wish someone who has worked this specialty could inform us of the details.

Its really hard to give you a great answer being it is a brand new facility and it really won't have reviews or past employees to bend their ears and tell you how they run.

Just like LTCs there are good retirment homes and there can be bad ones. Most of the time I would say retirement homes are a little slower pace then LTCs.

I'd say if you are looking for a change it might be a good fit with your experience in home health. It will be different for you but not to overwhelmingly different.

I'd say go for it and try it. You may love it...kind of like home care but you get support of co workers and won't feel so alone in your job

The thing to remember about assisted living is that you would not be actually doing bedside type nursing. You would be supervising the aides, and care plans that kind of thing. So that can be hard when you are used to getting in there and providing care. At the same time, after 25 years, a welcome and wonderful change from the physical demands of a hands on nursing job.

I have most recently done the same kind of thing. And couldn't be happier. Especially with a smaller home/community.

Best wishes!