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  1. Starting Pay for CNA

    Banner starts at $11 with an extra dollar for each year of experience.
  2. WARNING: Phoenix area is a TOUGH market for new grads

    I have never been to that facility, but i feel banner in general is a great place to work. I have had nothing but great experiences. The benefits are good and there seem to be many learning opportunities even for cna and pca.
  3. Clinical Dress Code

    Thank you. Your response has made the most sense. I appreciate it
  4. Clinical Dress Code

    I understand the value of professionalism, but I don't understand why valley schools have such strict dress codes for nursing students while many hospitals and other companies are far more relaxed.
  5. WARNING: Phoenix area is a TOUGH market for new grads

    I work at banner as a PCA and I have seen several cnas and pcas transition into a nursing position at banner quite easily. I do believe having a good employment history with the hospital helps, but there are also some new grads at my facility who hav...
  6. NAU RN-BSN Bridge

    So if you take 12 credits at a time, you are only paying for 7?
  7. Moving to Washington

    Thanks. How do i apply? With WA bursing board? Do i have to take nclex again?
  8. Moving to Washington

    After I earn my BSN in Arizona, I am going to move to seattle. Is there anything i need to do to transfer my license or is it universal across the US?
  9. NAU RN-BSN Bridge

    Does anyone know the full cost of tuition and the amount of time it takes to complete this program?
  10. Placement 2016

    Im sorry, They did that to me too. I applied summer of last year and they told me I would get placed fall 2015 or spring 2016. I didnt end up getting placed until now for fall 2016.
  11. Fall 2016 - Scottsdale Community College

    Hey guys! I just wanted to have a place for all Fall SCC students to meet and chat. SO excited to start school and get to know my fellow future nurses! Does anyone know what books or supplies we might need or any helpful study tools? Anyone heard abo...
  12. MCCD/CEP Acceptance for Fall 2016

    Thank you. I just called the hotline and she said it would be before the end of the week. Im on the edge of my seat here!!
  13. MCCD/CEP Acceptance for Fall 2016

    Anyone know if general placement ran today?
  14. Maricopa date/time stamp 2016

    Did placement run today?
  15. MCCD/CEP Acceptance for Fall 2016

    I have 8/6/15 time stamp too!! Good luck! Hopefully this is our year!

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