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  1. Hello there. Need help from nurses with same experience/journey. I graduated 2010. Did not take PH Licensure Examinations. Returned to CA and applied both NCLEX LVN and RN. Received lists of reqs for RN and got approved to take NCLEX LVN. Due to excitement and all, I prepared myself to take the NCLEX LVN, and did not take care of the RN reqs. Been working as an LVN and now I wanted to apply for NCLEX RN but worried to get denied. Can anybody provide me a list of reqs to be submitted. And is it worth taking the risk? Or just be safe and apply out of state. Thank you.
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    I just took the NCLEX PN yesterday June 15 2015. I thought that I was doing well while taking the exam. Got a lot of pharm. SATA. and those exhibits questions. And couple of computations. I was getting nervous expecting that it will cut off at 85 or so. But it didn't. I answered til 201 and ran out of time. Getting of some contents kind of questions after 100+ questions. And everybody knows those kind of questions are below the "passing line". I couldn't believe what happened. I was there for 5 hours and almost answered the maximum items. I feel devastated right now. I studied really hard. Confident that I'm going to make it this time. But I guess not. I read articles about "root" cases and based on that article there's more chance of passing if you ran out of questions than time. If you fell down the passing line even once. On your last 60 questions. You fail. There's no way I'm going to pass. but I still have a very little hope til I get my official result. unfortunately we don't have that quick result thing here in CA. So I have to wait for wks to get the result.