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    University of South Alabama BSN to NP Summer 2020

    I would definitely get started on CastleBranch as soon as possible. It's quite a lot of things to complete. I went ahead and got the first shot of the Hep B series today just to go ahead and initiate the process. In case anyone is reading this that is running into the same problem, the CDC states the body should have immunologic memory that remains intact for at least 30 years. I'm hoping the facility I received my most recent series from has a titer on record me showing I was a "non-responder" to the vaccines.
  2. peterjmartin10

    Reserves question

    Hey guys, my name is Peter and this is my first post. Just a little bit about me: I am a full time paid firefighter working for a department that allows me to be a full time student. As long as I make a 2.5 or higher each semester they will reimburse me for tuition. I am nearing the end of my 2nd out of 3 semesters in paramedic school. That will end in December. Immediately after that starting in January I will begin my BSN education. I've had several members of my family serve in the Army. I am very interested in the reserves. I love my job working as a firefighter and also providing emergency medical care in the field. However, I would also love to be of service to a degree for this country. I feel the reserves would allow me to fulfill that desire while still being able to maintain doing what I love as a civilian. So after I finish my paramedic education I want to expand my knowledge of healthcare in becoming a nurse and working part time on my off days from the fire department. I have a decent understanding of what the general circumstances of being a reservist consist of. I am more than willing to be deployed when my name is called. My only real question is insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but I am just curious. As a nurse in the Army reserves, where would I be assigned to drill on a monthly basis? How is that determined? I am just wondering for the sake of proximity to where I live and work now (Auburn, Al). I am about 45 min from Fort Benning. Any input is greatly appreciated. Peter