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    CCRN 2019

    I read the Barron's book front to back and took notes. Watched the laura gasparia videos once and did a ton of questions from the PASS CCRN question bank. I bought someones notes for $10 which was helpful but they were just scanned notes and very difficult to read and understand in places so I decided to take my time and make my own notes from reading the book. I read the book once entirely then studied the notes I took prior to the exam. Inbox me if you would like a copy. $10 through paypal. Not a scam or anything just trying to be an entrepreneur while helping someone else. (Hey, laura gasparis said it was ok!!!) Lol All honesty, the test was difficult but I felt prepared. Good luck to anyone testing!!!
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    University of South Alabama Psychiatric NP program

    I am just joining this site and happy to have found people with the same questions I have. I have 3 years of critical care experience but no direct psych experience. 3.3 GPA when I graduated from my university's BSN program. Just wondering what I'm getting myself into or if they even accept applicants with no prior psych experience. Also, what is the program like if anyone is able to elaborate? For instance, i am working night shift. How feasible is this in the early stages of schooling? I know i will probably have to switch to day shift or possibly take a PRN position later in the program if accepted. Are there any major thesis projects for just the MSN track? I know my undergrad university just started a masters program, but i believe they are only offering the DNP track and there are two semesters just devoted to a "thesis". I'm trying to choose the right university for me. Any help is greatly appreciated.