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  1. arh1019

    Air Force NTP- Nurse Transition Program! Help!!

    Hello mmanzella18, I was not in the Air Force, but I was in the Navy and things are a little different over there. I can only offer my perspective based off what I have been able to research on my own because I also plan to return to active duty as a nurse. From what I have researched, if you are not chosen for the field you wish to go into, you will either be placed on a waiting list or will have to reapply. If you are placed on the waiting list, you will be given a spot in the event that someone cannot fulfill the obligation. This is contingent on how long the list is and who else is in front of you on the list. Also, you mentioned that you would like to do the mil-to-mil thing with your fiance' once the two of you are married. I can tell you that from a military standpoint, you will not always have that option because it is based on needs of the respective service. They will do what they can to place you within the same vicinity, but keep in mind that operational commitments on his or your parts may not always allow that to happen. I hope this helps.
  2. arh1019

    I made it through my first week!

    Thank you so much @Kthurmond. I needed that. I'm certainly feeling better about this week.
  3. I am attending Chamberlain College of Nursing at the Miramar campus in Florida. I chose to do Anatomy 1, Math 114, and Critical thinking this session. I do not like math at all, but I'm trying so hard. It's working out for me so far. This past week was crazy with going to job interviews and doing class work, but I've given up my job search and now I am focusing solely on my schoolwork. As a result of being not so organized, I got a D on my first A&P quiz. I'm waiting for the other grades to post in that class so I can see if the rest of that stuff kind of absorbs that D. I'm not happy with myself about it and I'm actually pretty down about it. It's going to be a very long three years.
  4. I have gone to the school and reviewed my prospective schedule with my advisor and I have my drug and background screening. I have also gone ahead and completed OSHA/HIPAA Compliance for the year. I am currently working on the clinical compliance packet (although I have another year until I start clinicals) and I was just wondering what is next? I attend orientation on the 31st of July since I will be overseas when they do the actual orientation. This has to be the longest enrollment process ever lol. Just kidding I know it will be all wortk it in the end.
  5. arh1019

    Got my acceptance to Chamberlain!!

    Hi Gi2fanch, From the time the HESI A2 was scored and they sent my package up, I had about a week turnaround.
  6. arh1019

    Chamberlain DSI

    Recently I was notified by Admissions that I was accepted to Chamberlain and I just had a quick question. When would I receive my DSI number to log in? I don't start classes for another month but I want to make sure I have everything in place before I go overseas. I have not received a letter in the mail with it on there yet. Do I get it when I do my background check and drug screening? Or how does that work?
  7. arh1019

    Got my acceptance to Chamberlain!!

    I'm not sure right now, when I go in on Tuesday I'll be able to let you know @FutureNurseKali
  8. arh1019

    Got my acceptance to Chamberlain!!

    I actually have to do a personalized orientation with my advisor because I'll be abroad for the first two semesters. I think I do it this coming Tuesday @whitneygadson
  9. arh1019

    Got my acceptance to Chamberlain!!

    @elenamarie83 me too, but I'm gonna be online for the first two semesters until I come back from Japan.
  10. I got a phone call from the admissions counselor and I have been academically accepted to Chamberlain!! I'm so excited. You all have no idea!!
  11. arh1019

    Chamberlain College New Student Orientation

    I have, and the advisor actually asked if I wanted a later date. I asked her if I am able to do it before then, and she hasn't replied to me yet.
  12. I have found myself in a bit of a pickle. I am due to take the HESI A2 on Tuesday. Upon my admission to the school, I have to attend New Student Orientation. Unfortunately, I will be overseas already with my husband. The orientations for the Jacksonville campus are the 19th, 20th, and 27th of August respectively. My flight leaves on the 19th of August. The other option I have is to come back early to attend the orientation for classes to start on the 4th of January. Would I still be able to attend classes without the new student orientation until I come back to the States?
  13. arh1019

    Chamberlain College -Miramar FL

    @meeshie I will come in with the classes I've been able to transfer with a 3.0. I'm worried about the HESI A2 even though I shouldn't and wanted to know my chances of getting in pretending I score an 80 on the HESI. How long does the board take to make a decision on whether or not you are admitted to the program?
  14. arh1019

    Online Courses offered at CCN

    Thanks Meeshie. I'm trying to be able to wait to take college algebra since I know it's not my strong point lol. I haven't been accepted yet but I'm claiming it now. I take the HESI A2 on the 30th and I'm looking forward to getting accepted.
  15. Hello everyone, I am looking to begin taking classes at Chamberlain College of Nursing in Miramar, FL. However, when the semester starts, I will be in Yokosuka, Japan with my husband until he deploys. I was curious to know what courses CCN offers online so I can plan out my schedule. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!!
  16. arh1019

    Chamberlain College -Miramar FL

    Hi Cathy, I'm going to be starting (hopefully) in August. I haven't taken the HESI yet but with my GPA and my ability to test, I should get in.