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  1. RN44

    ICU thoughts....

    Curious about working in the ICU. I have worked med/surg, cath lab/ep lab/IR lab/vascular peripheral interventions (combo lab), and also the prep/recovery side of those procedures. I feel like not having any ICU background kind of inhibits me. I...
  2. RN44

    Where are all of my EP lab nurses!?

    Old post I know but thought I would comment. Our EP is combined with Vascular/Cath/IR. What do I love about EP....well, it is an ever growing field. There is a lot of different kinds of equipment to learn and know. What did I not like....honest...
  3. RN44

    Path to Cath Lab RN

    If you can get your cardiac vascular board certification. My facility highly encourages this certification for RN's in cath lab. Once you are in the lab you should also consider getting RCIS and/or RCES.
  4. RN44

    How many are in your STEMI team?

    We have 3 people and the doctor. It is the circulating nurse (who also does the sedation), the scrub tech, and the CVT. The scrub tech in my state is always a rad tech...the CVT is usually a rad tech but can be a nurse too.
  5. RN44

    Almost to the 1yr mark.....

    Well....I am almost to my 1 year anniversary of working as a nurse! In some ways I still feel as green as I did the 1st month, in other ways I've learned so much. I started on med surg. I'm still on med surg (days instead of nights now though). I hav...
  6. RN44

    maybe transferring to days?!

    Wish I had the perfect answer for you! I switched to days months ago and still question if the best fit for me is where I currently am. Days are much more busy....and just so many interruptions.
  7. RN44

    How to pick yourself up after bad day

    Thanks for all the great responses! And the headlight idea!
  8. So I am a newer nurse.....and started in med/surg. I'm still in med/surg and honestly I was really thinking that it was for me. I enjoy the variety, I enjoy the people and being busy. However....last week I had some really rough days.....and a 6 pati...
  9. Hi all : ) I was just wondering if anyone had attended IWU. I just finished my 1st semester of RN to BSN at a state school but it would actually end up costing me less to go online at IWU due to my employer's program with them. Did anyone go there an...
  10. RN44

    How would you like 3 consecutive months off a year?

    I would do this in a heartbeat!!!! I don't work in peds but we also have low census in the warmer months. We have nurses called off every shift and you have to use your paid time off which means many are short paid time off for their actual scheduled...
  11. RN44


    I really dislike everything about smoking. The smell of it, the cost of it, the consequences of it.....every time I see someone smoking it looks ugly to me. That being said both my parents smoke....as a kid I was pretty sickly and smoking gave me mig...
  12. Hi there, I wanted to drop a comment about my experience commuting. I go to school in Rockford, IL and originally lived outside of the area in a small town, it was great! Unfortunately due to my daughter being diagnosed with ALL while I was in fundam...