ICU thoughts....

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Curious about working in the ICU.

I have worked med/surg, cath lab/ep lab/IR lab/vascular peripheral interventions (combo lab), and also the prep/recovery side of those procedures. I feel like not having any ICU background kind of inhibits me. I feel like I should have gone med/surg to ICU to cath lab. At any you think after doing procedural nursing and prep/recovery it is possible to really get back into the swing of bedside nursing and ICU level nursing? Obviously I have run emergent drips, given sedation, had vented patients, etc in the lab.... but not all day everyday. I have been involved in many RRTs and codes being in lab. Just curious what you guys think about ICU nursing right now with everything going on around covid. Tks in advance.


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I think with your background you would be an excellent candidate for the ICU. But you would need a comprehensive training program just like any other nurse going into ICU.

    I hope you do, we need the help!