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  1. boyblu

    New state, New job, New license?

    If I were wanting to look into a job in another state (mind you, it's a non-compact state so I'd have to apply for new licensure) would I need to successfully have my new state license before applying to these positions? I'd be going from Mississippi to Louisiana. Any insight for this would be of great help Be easy, i've been a registered nurse for about 6 months :-)
  2. boyblu

    Care Plans

    So this is my first semester and our first graded care plan begins being written today. I'm still pretty confused on how to discern the pathophysiology as well as the principles for the nursing interventions...any tips?
  3. boyblu

    JCJC adn program questions

    I was recently accepted as a student for JCJC's ADN program. I had a few questions about what I needed to be doing: 1) Am I to go to my own care provider for the physical, 2-step TB test, and drug test? 2) When are each of these to be completed? 3) Are these all expenses to be covered by me? and for anyone with experiences with the financial aid lifestyle: 1) Does financial aid cover any of the preliminaries (tests, fees, uniforms, etc) or will they all come out of my pocket? Thanks in advance everyone :-)