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JCJC adn program questions

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I was recently accepted as a student for JCJC's ADN program. I had a few questions about what I needed to be doing:

1) Am I to go to my own care provider for the physical, 2-step TB test, and drug test?

2) When are each of these to be completed?

3) Are these all expenses to be covered by me?

and for anyone with experiences with the financial aid lifestyle:

1) Does financial aid cover any of the preliminaries (tests, fees, uniforms, etc) or will they all come out of my pocket?

Thanks in advance everyone :-)

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ihrtnursing has 2 years experience and works as a Student.

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Hi, I'm in Nursing 5 at Jones. To answer your questions

1. You have to provide the physical and 2- step TB test. They will choose a random day during the first week to do the drug test.

2. You should have the other two completed before clinicals start

3. Again the physical and skin test are covered by you.

Financial aid only covers lab fees and tuition. You must pay for everything else out of pocket. Sucks i know. Hope this helps, feel free to ask anything else :)

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I realize this an old thread but figured I'd take a shot! :) I've been accepted to JCJC's nursing program for the fall of 2016. I've completed my physical, tb test and all that other jazz. I was going to get my drug test done but called to make sure I didn't need it beforehand and they said no it's done at school like you said. I was recently at PRCC for nursing and they had us pay $125 for the urinalysis then turned around and ordered the whole program to shell out $375 each for a hair test! I just quit my job to begin this program so I'm wondering which they do so I'll know how much to go beg around to the family for! Thanks in advance for an reply and have a lovely weekend

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