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  1. ihrtnursing

    Seasonal Jobs in Arizona???

    I know this is an older post, but I will start seasonal employment in Yuma this December and would love if you could tell me a little more about it. Thanks!
  2. ihrtnursing

    JCJC adn program questions

    Hi, I'm in Nursing 5 at Jones. To answer your questions 1. You have to provide the physical and 2- step TB test. They will choose a random day during the first week to do the drug test. 2. You should have the other two completed before clinicals start 3. Again the physical and skin test are covered by you. Financial aid only covers lab fees and tuition. You must pay for everything else out of pocket. Sucks i know. Hope this helps, feel free to ask anything else :)
  3. ihrtnursing

    Accepted To Meridian ADN Spring 2014

    Thank you! I will keep all of this in mind.
  4. ihrtnursing

    Accepted To Meridian ADN Spring 2014

    I received my acceptance email from MCC last week and I was wondering who else applied and got in or who has been in the program and would like to give some insight to a new nursing student :) .
  5. ihrtnursing

    Any JCJC ADN Fall 2013 Applicants?

    Hey everybody! I don't know how long it will be before anyone reads this lol. I applied for the ADN program for entry this fall, I have all my pre-reqs except Micro but I take that this summer. Now i'm impatiently waiting for my acceptance letter, which by the way is TORTURE lol!! Are there anymore of you out there with me lol?