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  1. Help With New DON Position

    Might there be anything you could delegate to another nurse supervisor or head nurse/manager? At my facility, the DON and ADON have both served as unit managers on my unit. Now they are delegating numerous tasks to unit managers without regard t...
  2. New Unit Manager - short term

    Review policy and procedures for your facility (esp. concerning education/clinical concern/disciplines pertaining to staff, documentation requirements, discharges, death in the facility). Review performance plan for unit managers from HR. Unit Manage...
  3. #AMAGetOutTheWay: Nurses, Doctors, and Students United

    Do you support a Medicare for all system? No. "The program would prohibit anyone from being excluded because of citizenship status." Agree with Mini 2544 "most insane and irresponsible idea" And, what do you think about the unity that was displayed a...
  4. Smelly residents

    I have several residents that refuse baths and showers. The smell from these residents is evident in the hallway. I have asked for help from management on how to handle their refusals-"they have the right to refuse". I find the smell offensive as I k...
  5. Devastated and Disappointed

    Please remember your experience on the floor as you go to a different possible management position. I feel many nurses in management forget the stress and strain of patient care. Increasing acquity and increasing patient load is leading to ever incre...
  6. Two week notice 2 personal days not taken

    I ended up doing my remaining two days with one of them being a double shift due to lack of nurses. Scheduler hugged me goodbye. Many coworkers discussed in confidence their intent and interviews they have in the works to leave. I was surprised at th...
  7. Two week notice 2 personal days not taken

    Personal days are not days needing permission.
  8. Two week notice 2 personal days not taken

    The personal days are days given to you to take when you have not scheduled a day off. You just call in.
  9. Two week notice 2 personal days not taken

  10. Two week notice given. Have 8 vacation days not taken and will not be compensated for when I leave. Have two personal days too which I will not be compensated for. The last year lost 5 vacation days because they were denied. HR said thats just busine...
  11. Education during medication pass

    I currently work in a transitional care unit at a rehabilitation facility. We receive patients I feel I am not trained to care for. If we do receive training its usually read this, sign this, and all of that occurs while you are doing your med pass. ...
  12. surgical tech training help get in OR.

    Thank you for replying. I see many OR fellowships and residencies offered now. Unfortunately, they are not in my area.
  13. Would like to be OR nurse but always need experience. Currently, I am RN at rehab facility. Would surgical tech classes increase chances to be hired for OR?
  14. Airforce RN- New Grad
  15. Rough Day, Need Help, encouragemnt

    This day you described is what I have been experiencing daily but with 15 patients. I have at least five ACHS blood sugars. Corporate administrator and the state are at the facility with no desk/charge nurse. Phones ringing. I was so overwhelmed that...