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  1. all-k

    NCBON Out of State Program Verification

    Also, it took almost two weeks from the day I took the exam that my actual license was issued to me. And I started the application process in February 2015, so I was very much on top of things.
  2. all-k

    NCBON Out of State Program Verification

    I completely understand your frustration. I called my school several times and requested extra transcripts because I was convinced that they were not being received. Meanwhile, many of my cohorts had already passed the exam. I started to feel behind as I wanted to take the exam right away, but I used that time to study lightly every day and did my best to be patient. My advice would not to to contact the BON, they will likely just brush it off. I would however update HR at your new job, I think that they will understand.
  3. all-k

    NCBON Out of State Program Verification

    Hey there. I applied for licensure by examination as well from another state. I want to say that I sent my transcript on May 17th 2015 and I did not get approved to take the exam until the beginning of July. I was also very frustrated, but I had no other choice. Luckily, I was able to schedule my test for a week from the date I was approved by Pearson Vue.
  4. all-k

    NHRMC or Novant?

    Im not sure if you are considering moving, but I have to tell to you that Brunswick Hospital is a terrible choice. I work in this county, but not at the hospital and I have to tell you that I hear terrible things from my coworkers and my patients. They have an awful reputation and its in the middle of nowhere. Nurses quit left and right and just walk out. I would not be surprised if it is closed down due to lack of funding/profit. NHRMC is a much better choice. good luck!
  5. all-k

    Expunged charges and licensure

    It will absolutely show on your background check when they finger print you. Do just what they ask and explain. Do you have paperwork on file in your home that proves it was expunged?
  6. all-k

    Wanna know what an LPN license can get you?

    Excuse me, but where did I demean OP? These are facts and not an opinion. And since you've stated that you just finished your RN program, would you like to weigh in on how they are just letters at the end of your name? And what shift do you work, overnight? Because yes that would pay more. Your scope at that specific job may be similar. But the board of nursing defines the nursing scope of practice, not you.
  7. all-k

    Wanna know what an LPN license can get you?

    The title should read, "Wanna know what you can get with an LPN license?...a stepping stone to an RN license". Because that was basically what the article was about. I think its great that you're proud of your job. However, this article is confusing and misleading. RN's and LPN's do not have the same scope of practice and you stating that you are doing the same work as an RN sounds illegal to me. Not to mention the pay difference is pretty wide. RN and LPN education is entirely different and while I agree I have met some very comptenent LPNs in my time in health care, they do not learn the VERY important theory base that RNs do. Good luck furthering your education!
  8. all-k

    Medical Assistant Scope (NC)

    I am an RN that will be starting up a new practice with an MA. I have asked about our roles and was basically told that I have to help define their role and I want to know what is ok and not ok to delegate to them as NC does not have specific guidelines. Thanks for the replies!
  9. all-k

    Do we matter?

    I can't imagine work life without CNAs or techs... They are front line in the health care process.
  10. all-k

    repeating a prerequisite

    I would not repeat those courses. And your transcript will reflect when you took a course over again and I feel like that looks worse. You seem very driven and passionate about getting into nursing school and this should be reflected on your application. Do you have volunteer experience? Do you have health care work related experience? What about an awesome entrance essay or good scores on the TEAS exam (if your institution offers this). There are many factors to consider when getting into nursing school and having all A's isn't the driving force.
  11. all-k

    Planning to move to NC

    Thank you! It sounds like they are being very supportive! If you need any advice or help in the future job hunt once you plan to move, message me on here!
  12. all-k

    Planning to move to NC

    I passed earlier this month.
  13. all-k

    Planning to move to NC

    I love wilmington. You have the historic, river front downtown with lots of restaurants and cafes and it's so lively. Then you have the relaxed beach end with lots of outdoor activities. It's the best of both worlds. Plus, I've had six job offers since being here. So I would never worry about the jov market.
  14. Have you had the misdemeanor expunged? If so, this will not show up on a standard background check. And if it hasn't been, I suggest applying to have it sealed. I have gone through this process myself and I am now a licensed RN.
  15. I was arrested for shop lifting 6 years ago. I since had the record sealed and its been my only run in with the law. I was honest about it with the BON and submitted my sealed paperwork with a personal statement. I was approved for an RN license shortly after without restrictions of any kind. My conviction is old, I was young at the time and its been sealed-I believe all these factors contributed to being granted a license. My advice-be honest, even if its been sealed or expunged because they will find it either way as states do finger printing.
  16. all-k

    Pearson vue trick

    I agree, I think a lot of people don't know how to follow through. Or else I suspect she was charging a lot of money to a cc. Unless of course she used a gift card or something. I have noticed that people who post of the PVT trick being inaccurate have really just not used it correctly.