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  1. figureskating


    I applied this year to the online program and I am waiting to hear back. I took the nurse entrance exam last week and got a 76 on that which is passing. You only have to have 60 percent to pass the Kaplan nurse entrance exam. When I went to get my nurse exam print out the proctor told me my score is one of the higher ones that she has seen. I don't know how long they take to let you know whether you're in or not. Hopefully I will hear back soon. I only lack one pre req and will finish it up this fall semester.
  2. figureskating

    Bankruptcy and Jobs

    I'm currently thinking about bankruptcy and accidently found this thread. I know it's old but I just wanted to say, why is everyone so harsh and rude when it comes to that? All of you people talking bad about people who file bankruptcy are being judgmental as if you've never made a mistake in your life and assuming that all people who file bankruptcy are irresponsible. I have good credit and pay all my bills but so many things have happened and every time I think there could be a small hope of paying things off something else happens to set me back in life. I would say that bankruptcy is more responsible then just letting all your bills go into collections and doing nothing about it. And by the way the government does not pay the debts of people who file bankruptcy. The lenders do not get paid anything unless it's a chapter 13 filing and in that case the debtor does make payments back to the lenders on a payment plan. The government does not pay that.
  3. figureskating

    Sexism in nursing

    If you have a medical problem I understand that , but I still don't see the problem with asking the person you know can lift better first. My male tech's always got me if there was something that needed to be done with a female that made them uncomfortable or the female patient uncomfortable. It really doesn't matter what the job description says , either way women don't have the same upper body strength. Even if I don't ask a man for help I asked for one or two other women to help.It's kind of dumb for a man to think or expect that a women can do what he can or do it with the same ease. I think people are too politically correct and sensitive. I've pretty much always tried to help whoever asks me for help as much as possible and my co workers did the same, even if they were male and got asked to lift.
  4. figureskating

    Struggle With Weight Due to Nursing?

    Does anyone feel like that nursing helped cause their weight problems? I started LPN school in 2007 and graduated in 2008. A year before I started school I had my first baby and I had lot almost all of my baby weight. About halfway through nursing school are started having trouble with my weight and it just got worse after graduation. I feel like the stress of nursing has contributed to my weight problem.
  5. figureskating

    Sexism in nursing

    I'm a short small boned nurse and it is hard for us women to move around patients especially if the patients are bigger men. We're not made the same physically as men. I really don't think you should take it so hard that they are asking for help moving patients. It's not sexism. Most of the men I know usually don't mind helping a girl if they know she has trouble with the lifting and moving.
  6. figureskating

    Augmenting Labor (particularly before 39 weeks)

    I don't understand how some of these people deal with being sent home like that. I just had my fourth baby a few months ago and I was in labor. My labor started with a bang late at night and two hours later I was at the hospital because I was hurting so bad and afraid I might deliver quick. I was having severe back labor, shakes, nausea and vomiting, contractions every 5 minutes, and bloody show,but because I wasn't dilated yet they mentioned just sending me home. I was in so much agony and one of the nurses tried to tell me I was only dehydrated. It was my fourth baby so I knew I was in full blown labor. They were telling me I shouldn't be hurting so bad because I was soft but still high and closed. I was a mess and trying to figure out how I was going to make it through the pain and get back in the car and ride home like that. Thankfully the doctor on call told them to give me some Stadol IM and let me stay. Once they let me get out of the triage bed and let me walk between contractions I was dilated to 4 within 30 min to an hour. I had a 9 pound 15 oz posterior baby about 4 or 5 hours later. Dilation isn't the only sign of labor and not everyone's labor progresses the same. How do they just decide someone is not in labor and send people home in so much pain? I remember my back hurting so bad and when they said they might send me home I was so discouraged wondering how I was going to make it .
  7. figureskating


    I am seriously looking into doing the LPN to RN online track at UACCB in Batesville, AR. Is there anyone familiar with the UACCB RN program or LPN to RN program?
  8. figureskating

    LPN Programs in AR?

    I went to Baptist Health Schools of Nursing for my LPN training. They're a good school and make sure you know your stuff. It's a very hard school though. You have to have at least 77% to get a C. My class started out with about 87 students and by graduation day we only had 57 left.
  9. figureskating

    Can LPNs give meds/IVs in Arkansas?

    I worked for Baptist Health Little Rock and North Little Rock three years ago and that is how we got our LPN II. After 6 months we had to take an IV push medication class where we were educated on PICC and CVL lines and general IV care. We had to also take a test on about 13 to 14 different medications that we were allowed to push. We were not allowed to push IV narcotics, anti anxiety medications, or B/P medications. Some of the things we could push were Lasix, Toradol, Reglan, Pepcid, and Protonix. In addition I passed medications and hung IV fluids. Baptist trained us LPNs to do just about everything but hanging blood and pushing narcs. Baptist has pretty much done away with LPNs in the hospital now though. I work for the VA now and they do not allow LPNs to push anything other than saline.
  10. I've been an LPN for a while but I'll be honest with you. We don't have as many job options as RNs do. It would save you time and trouble just to go ahead and go for your RN instead of having to go back again to school later.
  11. figureskating

    LPNs are nurses too.

    Sadly I think the medical community in some ways encourages the disrespect. I practice in Arkansas and LPNs have been kicked out of a lot of job options. UAMS, Baptist, And St. Vincent no longer hire LPNs to work on any floors in the hospital not even Medical Surgical. When I first graduated in 07 my first job was on a critical care cardiac floor and then I went on to Med Surg. About 3 years after that, all the hospitals started demanding that their LPNs go to RN school or they had to find new jobs. St. Vincent shut down their LPN program. Baptist kept their LPN program even though they don't think LPN's are good enough to work in their hospital anymore. The only hospital in Little Rock that will hire LPNs to work on the floors still is the Veteran's hospital. I am planning on going back to RN school and wish I had sooner. I tell everyone who is planning on going to nursing school to go ahead and get their RN and don't waste time with your LPN. In Arkansas our job options are dwindling. I am tired of not being able to go into the specialty I want, along with not even having the options I once had available. I wanted to be a post partum nurse. LPNs used to be hired on post partum floors and then that was taken away too. The medical community has kicked us out of so much, it's no wonder patient's and families have the false concept that we are not nurses or not as good of a nurse!
  12. figureskating

    About pitocin

    From my research Pitocin is not ideal for VBACS anyway. I'm wondering about these doctors you're getting in trouble with who are so Pitocin happy for a VBAC. That's scary. I refused Pitocin for my VBAC but my doctor was not a fan of it for VBAC anyway unless really needed. Even if Pitocin had been needed being he would have started with low dose Pit.
  13. figureskating

    About pitocin

    When I had my babies I was briefly told I was getting Pitocin but I wasn't educated on it. I just went with what the doctor or nurse said. With my last I was more educated and wrote out a birth plan refusing Pitocin, during labor, unless really needed to progress. I consented to Pitocin after delivery to control bleeding. I also requested no IV fluids but consented to a heplock in case of emergency or dehydration. It's sad that most people will get Pit whether they really need it or not, but for now it's kind of up to the patient to educate themselves and know what to say yes and no to.
  14. figureskating

    So 39 weeks is the full term cut off now?

    Question: Why would 41 week inductions necessarily all be closed , thick , high? Some people go weeks dilated several cm before they go into labor. My sister in law was induced the day before her 40th week and she was already 3 or 4 cm before induction. Ok never mind. Maybe I was reading this wrong. Are you saying the study is biased?
  15. figureskating

    So 39 weeks is the full term cut off now?

    ok tried to reply to someone . it didn't put the reply underneath their statement.