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  1. My NCLEX journey.

    UWORLD was very similar. The screen looks identical so it makes you feel you are still doing UWORLD. The SATA questions were ones that you felt comfortable with as long as you didn't over think it. I tried not to spend much time on one question.
  2. My NCLEX journey.

    Thank you.
  3. My NCLEX journey.

    I took my NCLEX and it was definitely tough. A little background... I started nursing school back in 2015 and did pretty well throughout. Fast forward, I graduated May of this year, and took my NCLEX Friday, June 2nd. I studied uworld throughout my l...
  4. How did you pass Med-Surg?

    I just finished med/surg I. I will say it is a very tough class, however, it is possible to be successful. I purchased the med/surg success book and a nclex review book (lippincott). I also devoted 8 hrs/day or more to the material (especially if a e...
  5. 94 or higher is an A?

    I consider your school's grading system quite generous. The ADN program I am currently attending grading system is much harder... 96-100=A 94-95=A- 92-93=B+ 89-91=B 87-89=B- 84-87=C+ 80-83=C Anything less is failing.
  6. SC4 fall 2015

    @2bnurse, yes, they said many people, maybe 5, don't accept because they was accepted somewhere else or have prior engagements that restrict them from committing to the program. At #3 your chances are very high. Good luck and see you all at orientati...
  7. SC4 fall 2015

    I was just recently accepted into the the RN program. I am too excited; I still can't believe it's true. My gpa was a 4.0, with all classes completed. Anyone else get their letters?