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    Wound care certification WCC

    Hi, I’ve been interested in becoming wound care certified. I will have 2 years full time experience in wound care in November of this year. Can I get any help on how this process goes. I looked into WCEI there is an online course but just a bit confused on how it goes. Once registering for the course and completing it where do I go from there? Any help will be appreciated.
  2. I completely understand how you felt that day. I'm sorry you had to go through that and wish you luck on your NCLEX. Most people that commented forget that things can happen and if they were in that situation they would of felt that same frustration you did.
  3. I got accepted in a two yr adn program and have my prerequisite classes that will start on September. I got a packet of things I have to complete before starting clinicals and one of them is a background check. I'm scared they won't let me continue in the program because when I was 12 i was arrested for shoplifting and had my finger prints taken but I never got a court date or had to pay anything. Will it still appear in my record? If it does would I still be accepted? I'm so scared that it'll stop me from getting in 😢
  4. Im planning on starting the nursing program there and am wondering how hard the program is and how was the school in terms of teaching.
  5. Im going for the adn program this Spring. Classes start on June 22 and im due July 10. Im starting to worry about how ill manage with a newborn and a toddler while still continuing with my career. Im planning on taking almost two weeks off after giving birth and then going back. Im just beyond worried that classes will be too difficult for me 😰 how are you guys managing school with kids? I just need some reassurance that its possible to succeed in school with so much on your hands😳