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PCU-cardiac step down

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  1. I can relate to your comments. I definitely think there are better careers than nursing in healthcare field (if your driving force is higher than average pay and medical knowledge). I would suggest going into Ultrasound or MRI tech. They both have same prerequisites as nursing and are less hectic, with a bachelors you earn higher to equivalent to a nurse's BSN degree.
  2. Hkanwal

    can nurses negotiate their salary?

    I can relate to your comments.
  3. Hkanwal

    Triage job Kaiser

    Hi there, thank you for your response. Do you know if I will be using a software to guide my advice or will it depend solely on my knowledge? Is there anything I can do to prepare myself for this job? I don't know what I am getting myself into.
  4. Hkanwal

    Moving to Portland--3 years ED...discouraged

    Hi there, I had a hard time finding a job in a cardiac unit when I moved here. But I had a few offers after a year. When I am searching for jobs there are many opportunities for ER and ICU paid internships in big hospitals and small community hospitals. I think, job market would be positive for you here.
  5. Hkanwal

    Triage job Kaiser

    Hi All, I have a job offer from Kaiser Triage nursing in a Cardiology office. Also, another job offer at a PCU-step down unit. My nursing background is in cardiology. I am jobless these days. My question is how does Kaiser train their nurses for telephone advice nursing? I have only three years of cardiology experience. I do not know if they would provide me with a software to advice patients or it will be from my own knowledge. Also, what are some cons of telephone triage for a nurse going from a cardiology floor nursing?
  6. Hkanwal

    what to expect as a day surgery nurse?

    Hi Marsy82! how was your experience working in day surgery? I will be working for a day surgery unit soon and have similar questions to yours.
  7. Hkanwal

    Surgical Short Stay Unit

    Hi All, I just accepted a position in a surgical short stay Unit as a RN. I am uncertain what type of cases will I be taking care of. Most of my nursing experience comes from a cardiac step down unit. Please advice what type of orthopedic surgeries and other procedure are mostly done in a short stay surgery department? I am a bit nervous since it has been a long time when I had my ortho rotation in nursing school. Thank you so much!