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Surgical Short Stay Unit

by Hkanwal Hkanwal (New) New

Has 4 years experience.

Hi All, I just accepted a position in a surgical short stay Unit as a RN.

I am uncertain what type of cases will I be taking care of.

Most of my nursing experience comes from a cardiac step down unit.

Please advice what type of orthopedic surgeries and other procedure are mostly done in a short stay surgery department?

I am a bit nervous since it has been a long time when I had my ortho rotation in nursing school.

Thank you so much!

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in OR, education. Has 16 years experience.

The patients who are admitted to the short stay unit where I work are those who are 23 hour observation (as in, not really okay to go home but insurance won't cover admission). The types of surgeries seen will be very dependent on the facility- is it dedicated to or primarily one type of surgical specialty? Is it a mix of everything?

Short Stay at our hospital includes many different types of surgeries and includes endo cases. Typically ortho cases are straight forward...since they are not being admitted as inpatients...usually includes hardware removal. Pretty sweet place to work. Good luck!