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  1. Laureani

    NCLEX shut off at 75 and feel like I failed??

    Did you see your result????
  2. Laureani

    NCLEX shut off at 75 and feel like I failed??

    I passed!!!!!!!! I’m so happy right now. Thanks for all the words of encouragement!
  3. Laureani

    NCLEX shut off at 75 and feel like I failed??

    In my opinion I could have been better with my test taking strategies in school but I always passed pretty well. I brushed up on test taking stragies as I was practicing questions after nursing school. I did Uworld and Hurst but mainly uworld but I didn’t finish it. I had about 800 left. On uworld I got mainly 60s, 70s and 80s on all the subjects. I did 3 practice tests on hurst review and got 72 on my first then 85 on second one and 87 on last one.
  4. I took my NCLEX RN this morning and was freaking out most of the time; It stopped me at 75 with about 2 hours remaining (I'm a slow test taker ) and I KNOW I missed the last question which was an ekg question which wanted me to identify and treat the rhythm (my only ekg - i think it was v fib). I'm not sure if I got into the high level questions. My test basically went like this: 5 priority questions, 8 or 10 SATA which were long winded and kind of confusing, 4 delegation, 4 meds mainly teaching, 3 or 4 teaching about diseases, 5 pediatrics, 1 maternity, zero math, zero drag and drop, zero put in order, 1 exhibit, maybe 2 fundamental style questions but idk, 3 picture questions (1 repeated itself in another format but I know I got those right), 4 or 5 management and ethics/legal questions, and 5 or 6 infection control and precaution questions. I'm really bummed out because the last question (ekg) now seems like it should have been an easy question and I missed it and I knew the content! . I've heard if you miss the last question especially if it was easy you failed. I think I got a lot of multiple choice questions and I don't know if that means I failed. I feel like I only got maybe 10 questions total correct in the entire test and I feel like a failure. A lot is riding on this NCLEX for me, my current job, my NP program. I did the PVT trick and I got the good pop up but I'm not 100% convinced. Is it possible I passed or failed horribly? Any coping tips while I wait for my quick results?
  5. Laureani

    I feel stupid in Microbiology Lab?

    This is more of a rant than a question, I'm currently taking Microbiology which is my last science class before I apply for the nursing program. I did very well in A&P I and II as well as my other classes (except my C in chem). Micro Lecture is relatively easy but lab seems trying. I study prior to lab and read the directions for each experiment but I don't always feel like I know what I'm doing, and I tend to ask allot of questions that make me feel a little silly and stupid. We did culture media (which I was struggling with at the time) and when I went to check my results a few colonies were present but it didn't look much like what the bacteria is supposed to look like, although my cheek swab came out perfectly. I just feel stupid in lab and I'm dreading tomorrow because we have to bring out our cultures again and seeing everyone else with their perfect bacterial morphology is going to kill me....
  6. I am planning on taking the HESIA2 and the TEAS V because I'll be applying to TWU and UTA's nursing program. I see many study books but I'm not sure which ones to chose from and I'm not sure what to expect on the exam or how to study? any advice, tips??
  7. Laureani

    Which Nursing program is better UTArlington or TWU?

    Thankyou, I've decided to stay at TWU for now and whichever program accepts me I will go.
  8. Laureani

    My HESI Experience 5-16-2015

    Wow that's great that your experience went so well and I'm glad I read this because it has now given me some extra sources to look at before taking my entrance exam.
  9. I'm a nursing major and will be a sophmore this fall semester so I'm thinking of which nursing program to apply to. I'm currently a TWU student but I'm considering applying to UTA because it is very close to home, I love the campus and I've heard so many good things about the nursing program but I'm wondering if it really lives up to the hype. I want to attend a program that will prepare me for the work place, and is highly accredited. My GPA is currently a 3.5 because I got all As my first semester but second semester I got 1 A, 3 Bs and 1 C (In chemistry). Although, I will be taking summer classes so hopefully my GPA will increase before I have to apply for the nursing program. I've noticed that UTA and TWU have two different entrance exams the HESIA2 and the TEAS V, since I have my mind set on UTA I'm not sure if I should go ahead and take both or just apply to other schools who require the HESI? I'm torn between both schools because I know that I would like to attend UTA but I am worried that my GPA may not be good enough for either school. I'm worried about which entrance exam is more difficult and I'm concerned about not getting further consideration for UTA because I have done more than 30 hours at TWU. Although I will be transferring to UTA before I apply for the Upperdivision nursing program I would still like to apply for both schools nursing programs? What advice would you guys give me considering the schools accredibility and my condition? Thankyou