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  1. Young Midwife

    Hey everyone! I'm an RN in the northeast, set to start a midwifery program this coming January. I'm currently 21 but look about 12. I will be 23 when I graduate with my MSN. I'm a bit worried about patients taking me seriously or doubting my credibil...
  2. Disturbing things that I heard Dr.s say in the Labor room

    You seem pretty sold!! Do you have any words of wisdom for an unsure applicant?
  3. Can I ask to work exclusively day shifts?

    I know this is the reality of forum questions, it's just that sometimes I can't help but intervene 🤐 OP, please don't let anyone lead you to believe that you won't find anything. There's no need to tell a budding nursing student that the job hunt ...
  4. Can I ask to work exclusively day shifts?

    I'm sorry for all the unasked-for opinions and negativity that some previous posters offered. And to answer your question, yes, days- only jobs absolutely exist. They are many hospitals who even offer 8-4 and such (one that comes to mind is CHOP). An...
  5. Bad Habits Picked up from being an L&D RN?

    I have no specific examples, but I've personally spoken to a highly experienced and respected CNM who basically told me to NOT try to get L&D experience.
  6. Path to CNM

    Thanks for replying!
  7. Path to CNM

    Just curious... I always hear about the various essays and papers in midwifery programs. Are those papers on fluffy policy stuff or actual clinical problems like case studies, etc?
  8. Earning Ceiling

    What do you think the range is say, 10 years from graduation? For example, if I become partner in midwifery practice.
  9. Which Units for Externship?

    Hey there nursing peeps! So I'm a student nurse, set to graduate May 2017. So far I've had the following clinicals- med-surg, OB, psych and community. I'm lucky enough to have gotten an interview for a very competitive summer externship:) Now, I know...
  10. Is Midwifery/ L&D Nursing for me?

    If you're interested in the medical aspect of care, I would say go for Nurse- Midwifery. You're still young and as a CNM you can have a more stable, and may I say safer job.
  11. I'm in a BSN program at a local university. The extra courses teach nothing but useless, fluffy nursing theories that in no way will make me a better clinician. Our class always says that a BSN stands for BS+nursing classes
  12. Needle Stick- Diabetic Ulcer+Strep

    OMG! You must've been mortified! Is sub-q really lower risk?
  13. Needle Stick- Diabetic Ulcer+Strep

    Yup! Thanks
  14. Needle Stick- Diabetic Ulcer+Strep

    He's negative for hepatitis, thankfully.
  15. Hi guys, So I just gave a patient insulin and stuck myself in the process. The patient had a toe amputated due to DM, with deep wound cultures indicating strep as the offending bacteria. Patient has been on IV antibiotics for 3 days now. I'm a bit of...