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  1. anicole285

    Fall 2016 Nursing School Applicants

    I was accepted into Saint Mary's traditional BSN program earlier this week! I am waiting to hear back from MidAMerica Nazarene for their accelerated program though. Anyone know when they may be sending out decision letters?!
  2. I was told it was a cumulative TEAS Score that counts - meaning if you scored a 59 in science or reading or another subject, that's okay as long as you have an overall score of 68 or higher! Good luck to you! I applied for the fall of 2016 as well!
  3. anicole285

    UMKC Accelerated BSN

    I have submitted applications to multiple nursing programs around KC (UMKC being one of them)! The more I look into them, the more I am leaning towards UMKC being my top choice. I applied for their Accelerated BSN program. Any current students/recent grads want to share their experience?! I know NCLEX pass rates were below 80% the year before last, but have gone up to 87% since then. Additionally they have close to 1200 clinical hours their students are required to do. What is the class schedule/teachers like? Did anyone in the accelerated program work during this time? And when do they send out acceptance letters?? Thanks so much!!
  4. I know during the 12 month program at MNU I would not be able to work. I was a bit concerned if the program was 12 months straight with no breaks, or if there is a thanksgiving/winter break etc.? These would be opportunities to get in some work at my current job! Also, how much studying did you do daily? Was it class all day and study most of the evening?
  5. anicole285

    KU School of Nursing - Any Advice on Applying?

    Thank you for your advice and congrats on acceptance into the program! :) I'll be sure to really focus on the essays and get that experience needed!
  6. anicole285

    Is my GPA too low??

    Hello! I am currently preparing to begin applications to nursing school. My hope is to start in Fall 2016! I am super worried that my GPA is too low to get into the schools I want! I still have 2 pre-reqs to take - one this fall and one next spring, but have no doubt I can get A's in both. I already have a bachelors in in communications and with my last prereqs I need to take, my GPA will be around a 3.2. I also have an MBA in which I have a 4.0 I am wanting to apply to some KS schools - KU, Mid America Nazarene, Baker, UMKC - but I am worried I don't have a high enough GPA! I'll have a CNA certification by the end of this year and a few months of volunteer work by the time I apply! Any advice on what to do? Thank you!
  7. Hello All! Just wanted to see if anyone has any advice or experience with applying to KU's School of Nursing. I am wanting to apply for a Fall 2016 start and I know the program is pretty competitive! I have a Bachelors in Communications (Business Minor) and a Masters in Business Administration. Overall, my MBA gpa is 4.0 but my gpa from my undergrad is closer to a 3.2 I have no experience in healthcare, and have very little volunteer work, but am in the process of becoming a volunteer at Children's Mercy, so I will have a few months of volunteer work by the October 1 deadline. I also am getting a CNA certification through JCCC in the fall of this year, so I will have that completed by December. I also have some amazing references that I think are pretty credible. Any advice on what you think my odds are of getting into the School? I am so nervous to even apply, but I know it won't hurt to at least give it a shot!
  8. anicole285

    How to pay for nursing school?!? Help!

    Rose_Queen - I am not working as a CNA or in any other healthcare position, but I am hoping to find a position in that field within the next few months. I do not have a CNA certification, but there are a few places that offer the program both on weekends and during the day, so I will most likely have to do weekends since I am currently working full time. I definitely agree and think scholarships and grants would be a good idea. I have reviewed NCLEX pass rates and actually ruled out one school because their pass rates are on the decline and were 74% for last year. I know that is not the only determining factor, but that along with other red flags was the reason I ruled the school out. I haven't tried to research salary for new grads, so I will look into that more. Thank you for your help with this. Much appreciated!
  9. anicole285

    How to pay for nursing school?!? Help!

    Thanks for the advice!! I have not looked into Butler but I will - do the offer a BSN or just an ADN?
  10. Hello All! Looking at the different options for applying to different BSN programs, money is starting to become a huge factor! Mid America Nazarene University has a 12 month program available but it is close to $35,000 (Not including books) so probably closer to $40,000 at least. I would not be able to work during this time and while my living expenses would be covered b/c I have been saving up, I will have to take out a loan to cover the cost of the whole program. Is that a lot to pay for a 12 month nursing program at a private university? Other schools such as Baker (Topeka KS) and University of Kansas have 2 year year programs (non-accelerated) so the workload may be a bit lighter so I could probably work throughout the program and I could work full time during the summers. Additionally, both Baker and KU are cheaper than Mid American Nazarene University. KU is a public school so overall it would be close to half of the price of MNU and I could maybe work some hours during that program so that would be really helpful. What have you done in regards to paying for school aside from student loans - what type of part time jobs did you have? Any that allowed you to maybe study while working?? Any opinions on what the best option would be? (This is all assuming I get accepted to any of these schools!!)
  11. anicole285

    ADN vs BSN Battle

    I think the feedback here is great and I understand where people are coming from on both sides! I think in the end, like you mentioned - everyone takes the same exam. Their journey to get there differs greatly. I am currently deciding on whether to do an ABSN or an ADN program and have been leaning towards an ADN for multiple reasons. 1) It is cheaper - yes even in the long run. Like almost $30,000 cheaper. So if I complete the ADN and take the exam to become an RN, I can work full time and take an online RN to BSN program (and who knows, maybe my employer will pay for it). 2) I already have a Bachelors in Communications and a Masters in Business Administration so me getting my associates is not an 'easy way out'. I think its the smart way for my particular situation. -I spoke with a teacher for one of my grad classes who actually works on the business side if KU school of nursing and she recommended with my background getting an ADN then doing an RN-BSN program. 3) I can't really afford to spend another 4 years in school (working only part-time) while working towards my BSN. I also cannot afford to Spend 12 - 22 months in an Accelerated program not working at all. I think the decision is solely up to the person seeking the degree! Don't be discouraged at all!!
  12. anicole285

    ADN vs. ABSN

    I am a second degree seeking student wanting to go back to school to become a nurse. My two options are 1) Get my ADN and take the exam to become an RN. THEN Complete an Online RN to BSN Program WHILE working full time. or 2) Shoot for an Accelerated BSN (main program I am looking at is 12 months of intense work) Advice on the two methods? I have no experience in a hospital setting which is where I would eventually like to end up. With the ABSN the program is around $35,000 plus supplies, books etc and I cant work during that 12 month period - so I will have no income. With the ADN - the program is Fall/Spring/Fall/Spring (2 years). I will have summers off and I will actually not be full time each semester because I do have some classes already complete. SO I could work part time in this program and apply for a full time RN position after I take the NCLEX exam. Ill have 2 years of part time work under my belt by then. Advice? Thanks!
  13. anicole285

    Accelerated BSN vs. ADN

    Hello All - So I have been posting a lot of questions when deciding on what route to take to receive a nursing degree. At first I wanted to stick to either an accelerated BSN program or a traditional BSN program. However, after hearing some peoples thoughts on the matter, I've considered getting an ADN through Johnson County Community College (if accepted), or another community college and taking my NCLEX-RN exam and and finding full time work from there. After landing a job, I would plan on completing an online RN to BSN program. Currently I have a bachelors in communications from KU (2012) and I will complete my MBA from Baker in July of this year. What are you all's thoughts/experiences on this? I searched local hospitals such as KU Med, Children's Mercy, and Saint Luke's and they do hire RN's with an ADN - however many say they must go back to get a BSN within 5 or so years of hire. Reasons why I may do the ADN route first: 1) It is way cheaper. Yes - even in the long run. 2) I can work during the program; And since I have some of the classes required in the ADN already done, I don't have to repeat them. This means that during some semesters, I would be taking only the nursing classes which could mean as little as 8 - 10 hours a semester and since I will not be relying on financial aid, I can drop to being a part time student. This will allow me to work - I have NO experience in any type of healthcare setting so working/ getting experience would really help after completion of my program. 3) I would have a life. I know all nursing school (whether it is ADN or BSN) is demanding, as expected. But an accelerated program crammed into 12-18 months would not allow time to just breathe. Or time for family, work, etc. I value those. -- The downside of this program is it is 2 years, but there is no summer work so I can bump up to full time employment/internships during the summer. And maybe working 2 years part time can help chances of finding a job after I graduate (and maybe a higher paying job) REASONS I would want to do an ABSN 1) Quick - MNU has an ABSN that is 12 months of intense work, but then I'd be done (however if I have no experience working, how easy will it be to land employment?) 2) The idea that a BSN would give me more opportunities - and it may just be better to knock it out in 1 year. --My original vote as of now is for the ADN! I apologize for the long post, but just any opinions/thoughts would be great! Thanks!
  14. anicole285

    Advice on TEAS V Exam???

    Thanks for the advice!! I actually have a bachelors degree in Communications and will be completing my MBA this summer - I was a exercise science major my first two years so I have actually taken Anatomy/Phys/Chem/Biol and Phsics. Unfortunately since my pre-reqs are older than 5 years I'll have to take them again. But thank you for the tips!! Hopefully the exam goes well!
  15. anicole285

    Advice on TEAS V Exam???

    Hello all! I am in the process of taking my prereqs and eventually applying for nursing school this fall! There are a couple schools that don't require the TEAS V to apply but a couple I am interested in do so I plan to take it this October. It seems like some schools require somewhat low scores on the exam, but I would like to get at least a 90% or above on my individual score. Any advice on study habits to prepare for the exam? Such as: -How far out did you begin to study for the exam? -In your opinion, was it super difficult? -Recommended Study materials? -Hardest parts of the exam? --In October I will be taking Anatomy and Physiology w/ Lab and a Human development class plus working full time. The studying is definitely doable, but would it be beneficial to start studying around July/August just a little bit daily or every other day for a while and then pick it up closer to September? Any pointers would be much appreciated! Thank you!!
  16. Thanks for the feedback! Looking into both those schools!