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  1. anicole285

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN Fall 2016

    I also got a phone call and have been accepted! Best of luck to everyone!! Wohoo!
  2. anicole285

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN Fall 2016

    Hi all! So I emailed someone yesterday about when I would hear back only bc I have an offer from another school and I mentioned that and just asked for a time line on when I'd hear back! Mnu is my first choice so I would choose them over my other offer! She said they have a meeting next week so I would hear from them sometime next week. I applied back and January also. I would think all of us who applied by the time they started their March reviews would have heard back around the same time. Good luck to everyone!
  3. anicole285

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN Fall 2016

    Congrats on getting in!! I applied near the end of Feb, and am still waiting to hear back! freakinrican did you get an email/phone call or letter first informing you of your acceptance?
  4. anicole285

    Fall 2016 Nursing School Applicants

    I was accepted into Saint Mary's traditional BSN program earlier this week! I am waiting to hear back from MidAMerica Nazarene for their accelerated program though. Anyone know when they may be sending out decision letters?!
  5. I was told it was a cumulative TEAS Score that counts - meaning if you scored a 59 in science or reading or another subject, that's okay as long as you have an overall score of 68 or higher! Good luck to you! I applied for the fall of 2016 as well!
  6. anicole285

    UMKC Accelerated BSN

    I have submitted applications to multiple nursing programs around KC (UMKC being one of them)! The more I look into them, the more I am leaning towards UMKC being my top choice. I applied for their Accelerated BSN program. Any current students/recent grads want to share their experience?! I know NCLEX pass rates were below 80% the year before last, but have gone up to 87% since then. Additionally they have close to 1200 clinical hours their students are required to do. What is the class schedule/teachers like? Did anyone in the accelerated program work during this time? And when do they send out acceptance letters?? Thanks so much!!
  7. anicole285

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN Fall 2016

    I am currently waiting to hear back from MNU on whether or not I was accepted into their Accelerated BSN program starting this Fall (2016). Seeing if anyone else out there has applied to this program?? Anyone know when they send out acceptance letters/emails?
  8. anicole285

    KU School of Nursing - Any Advice on Applying?

    Congrats on your acceptance! I unfortunately did not get into the program at KU but am waiting to hear back from some other schools! (MNU's accelerated program being my top choice!!) Best of luck to you at KU!! Rock Chalk :)
  9. anicole285

    KU School of Nursing Admissions

    I think KU is supposed to reach out to people this week about acceptance! Has anyone heard from them yet? I hear they do letters for sure. I have read some posts that say they make phone calls first and then send out letters/emails, while others have said they just got a letter in the mail and an email about their acceptance, but no phone call! Anyone know fully how it works?
  10. anicole285

    Fall 2016 Nursing School Applicants

    That's awesome!! Congrats!!! :) When did you submit your application to MNU through nursingCAS?
  11. anicole285

    KU School of Nursing - Any Advice on Applying?

    Thanks jayhawkRN754 for your response!! Can I ask, when did you receive news that you were accepted into the program? Was it via letter in the mail first, or a phone call? Also are you able to work part time at all during the program? Thanks so much! I graduated from KU in 2012 with a different degree, so I know its an awesome school! :)
  12. anicole285

    Fall 2016 Nursing School Applicants

    Hello! I have applied to KU, UMKC, Saint Mary (Leavenworth), and MidAmerica Nazarene. I applied to the KU and Saint Marys traditional programs (2 years - starting in the fall) and I applied to UMKC and MidAmerica Nazarenes accelerated programs(starting in the fall also)! Any idea on when they make final decisions and reach out to us?? sfrw when/where did you apply??
  13. anicole285

    George Washington University Absn Fall 2016

    I did email them to see if they were still reviewing and accepting students and they said yes!
  14. anicole285

    George Washington ABSN Fall 2016

    Hello all! I applied to the program as well for the Fall 2016 start. I submitted the NursingCAS application on the 13th so just barely made the final deadline, but when I emailed them, they did say they were still reviewing applications and accepting students! I was wondering, how long after you submitted your NursingCAS application did you hear about acceptance?! Thank you!
  15. anicole285

    George Washington University ABSN - Fall 2016

    Hello! I applied for the Fall 2016 program as well! I sent in my application Feb 13th so just barely made the cutoff! I am currently in Kansas, so I am hoping to hear from some schools around here that I applied to first, but would be just as excited if I got accepted into GW! My (soon to be husband!!) and I would be up for the move to DC! My parents actually moved to there a couple months ago for work so it will be nice having them there! For those who were accepted, how soon after you submitted your application on NursingCAS did you receive an acceptance phone call/ email/ letter? Congrats to those who were accepted!!