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  1. Advice from recent takers

    Strawberryluv!!! Thank you soo much for advising me to keep going with saunders, actually it really helped me and I passed NCLEX about 2 weeks ago with 75 questions. I was very confident with the questions I was having throughout the exam. I think as...
  2. Passed NCLEX First Try!

    its ok You dont need to feel sorry :)
  3. Passed NCLEX First Try!

    thank you, I didnt know you payed for it. I thought it was like 36 pg study guide on AN website
  4. Has anyone passed Nclex specifically using Uworld? try this link please...
  5. Passed NCLEX First Try!

    hi congrats on passing nclex...hw many questions did u do all together in 3 month?? any rough idea??? and is there any way i can get 95 pg study guide from u Best of luck in yr new job
  6. Has anyone passed Nclex specifically using Uworld?

    once you register, the message pops up with one week's free trial. but if it doesnt give you free trial then try using different email, as they are still offering 1 week's free access
  7. Canadian NCLEX-RN Failures...

    Here in BC, its called CLPNBC (College of licensed practical nurses of BC), so depend upon which province you live in, you can contact them. I know many foreign trained nurses who worked as LPN's and now they work as RN ( because CRNBC takes longer t...
  8. Canadian NCLEX-RN Failures...

    Hi Canadian RN Dont think that far, just study hard and pray. Same happened to me too. Student who never payed attention towards studies in class and been on facebook at the back seat have passed nclex and I failed nclex. I dont think every state in ...
  9. I Failed the NCLEX-RN and I need some advice

    Hey dont stress, I failed nclex few months back. Even we brought house thinking that I would pass and help my husband financially, I had little one aswell. But it didnt happen as we planned. I had biggest support from my hubby, and thats how it shoul...
  10. NEED suggestions for passing NCLEX

    its 'michael linares' videos on various topics
  11. How I passed the CNLEX with 76 questions

    Well done Canadian RN...Im Canadian us encouragement... god bless Amen!!
  12. Kaplan harder than NCLEX-RN, Passed with 75Q & Low Kaplan Scores

    Hi May I have your kaplan log in details, im going for nclex in august thank u
  13. Advice from recent takers

    thank u sooo much for your valuable advice....god bless :)
  14. Advice from recent takers

    Hi I have been studying saunders since couple of months and since last 2 weeks im doing about 200 questions from saunders everyday, scoring between 70 -80%, I have also watched hurst videos and reviewing hurst book aswell, do u think its good enough ...
  15. How i passed nclex the second time

    Amen !!!