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  1. Stefanie40

    Tampa Galen LPN to RN PROGRAM

    Has anyone been or is currently going through the Tampa Galen Lpn to Rn program and what is your opinion about it? I was going to meet with them and take the first steps to applying for the program but it seems like I have read more negative reviews about the instructors, administration and just the school overall than positive reviews. So I am pretty nervous about even attending the school. I do work full time so I need a program that offers mostly online work. If anyone has been in this program I would appreciate your opinions.
  2. Stefanie40

    Tampa Galen

    Does anyone know if Tampa Galen has received there national accreditation for the RN program yet? I heard it was supposed to be in the summer sometime.
  3. Stefanie40

    Tampa Galen RN Program

    Does anyone know if the Tampa Galen LPN to RN program has been nationally accredited yet? I was told they were gonna be in June.
  4. Stefanie40

    Online A&P class

    I am having to take Anatomy and Physiology 1 and wanted to know if anyone knows if SPC in st pete offers the class and lab online or if any school offers it online. Thanks
  5. Does anyone know of a nationally accredited online LPN to Rn online program that is accepted in Florida? I have been looking for a while now and not able to find much that is online. Thanks
  6. Stefanie40

    Tampa Galen LPN to rn accreditation

    Does anyone know if tampa Galen's school is nationally accredited? I was interested in trying to work at Bay Pines VA after I graduate from there program but was told the VA does not hire Galen RNs because the school is not nationally accredited. Does anyone possibly have any info on this? Thanks
  7. Stefanie40

    Tampa Galen LPN to RN Hybrid program

    I am currently a LPN and am looking to do a LPN to RN program. I am leaning towards the Tampa Galen LPN to RN hybrid program. Has anybody been through or is currently going through the program that can tell me how you felt about the program? Did you find it extremely difficult because it was a online program? Are the instructors available for help at all since its online and what are the clinicals like? Any info would be appreciated. I'm just trying to figure out if this is the best program for me. Thanks
  8. Stefanie40

    Lpn to RN

    I am currently a LPN looking to bridge to RN. I was going to look into the Tampa area Galen program. I did the LPN program there many years ago and was pretty pleased with it. I however have heard that the program has changed a lot and not many positive things about it. If anyone has or is currently going through the bridge program could you give me any info on it? Thanks
  9. Stefanie40

    Lpn to RN

    I am currently a LPN looking to do a online bridge program but first I need to do a couple more pre reqs. I live in the Tampa Bay Area and wanted to ask if anyone knows if SPC offers Anatomy and Physiology online? Thanks for you help.