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  1. CNA jobs in the twin cities?

    I'm going to be moving back down to the twin cities (Lino Lakes specifically) to transfer nursing schools and I'm interested in looking for a CNA job. I've worked as a CNA in a nursing home now for two years and i'm not really looking to do LTC again...
  2. North Hennepin Spring 2016

    Anyone else out there going to be starting North Hennepin Community College's Spring 2016 cohort??
  3. Bemidji State anyone?

    I'm in BSU's nursing program and I can tell you that not all programs are created equal. I am transferring out of their program into another down in the cities because of my bad experience with them. They may get a good rep when you look at online so...
  4. Spring 2016 MANE programs

    I was accepted for Spring 2016 to NHCC, ARCC and Century. I think I'll be picking NHCC, anybody else??
  5. North Hennepin or Anoka Ramsey?

    I have been accepted into the Spring 2016 cohort for both North Hennepin and Anoka Ramsey Community College and I'm kind of having a hard time picking (I have to pick but August 1st). I got to see the new health science building at NHCC for nursing a...
  6. Passing cut offs

    Obviously, other nursing students are aware of passing cut offs in nursing school (ex 75% or higher). But I feel like I haven't seen any other nursing programs like mine: for our BSN program, the cut off for passing is 70% and above, however, in some...