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North Hennepin or Anoka Ramsey?

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I have been accepted into the Spring 2016 cohort for both North Hennepin and Anoka Ramsey Community College and I'm kind of having a hard time picking (I have to pick but August 1st). I got to see the new health science building at NHCC for nursing and it's really nice so that's a big reason why I'm considering it, as well as the fact that all throughout my application process I had good dealings with the school/department and they're willing to ork with me. But at the same time I've heard good things about Anoka Ramsey but I haven't seen their nursing facilities. Both schools would be about the same distance for me. Anyone on here in either programs and can offer feedback? I just want to make the right decision because I'm transferring from BSU's program and had a bad experience there and don't want it to happen again.

Step 1: research what the Nclex pass rates are for these schools. That's pretty much the best way to judge which is better by looking at success rates. (A lot if the MANE schools are pretty similar so any big score discrepancies would be a big hint.) if you can find retention rates for the program that can also give you a clue to how difficult the program is. But those are significantly harder to find.

2) You should look through or post on the Minnesota page for better details. I think it's a lot easier to navigate.

I'll be at NCC :)

Congrats on your acceptance!

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Hopefully you picked NHCC... Anoka-Ramsey is too big of a program. It's easier to slip through the cracks.

Hello! Where did you end up going for the MANE program? I got accepted to both for Fall 2016 and am having a hard time deciding. NHCC is 15 minutes from where I live, whereas AR is 30 - but I go to AR now for pre-requisites and do love the professors and classes. Any advice would be appreciated! I have until April 1st.