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    Any positive reviews on South U?

    FYI DNPs online are 4 years not 2 and we don't learn from a book I did over 800 hours of clinicals for my MSN which IS a 2 year program. The brick and mortar school I considered is also 2 years for MSN and only requires 650 hours of clinicals. ans my local "brick and mortar school" actually does their program online and you learn in the job like you did as a nurse. Books don't teach real life experience does.
  2. nursebay

    Any positive reviews on South U?

    Yes, I have no complaints I feel it's just like any other online school
  3. nursebay

    NP Salaries/Location/Specialties

    How does one become a psych NP? I am graduating as an FNP soon and there is nothing but psych NO jobs available
  4. nursebay

    Any positive reviews on South U?

    It's fast paced and a lot of work for a full time nurse.
  5. nursebay

    1 year DNP without clinicals?

    Does such a program exist?
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    So what's going to happen to health care now?

    I'm going to take the other route...I think insurance will be back to being more affordable. my insurance premiums went up three fold because of ACA. My insurance premium was twice my mortgage. I am going back to school and we don't have a job that provides insurance. I think they will take the ****** parts out and keep the good parts. I think people are panicking a bit prematurely.
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    Failed AANP...help...feel like a failure!

    I have to say I love the Hollier CDs. I have listened to them 3 times now and I learn something new every time. Every day I did the practice tests through the APP FNP someone else recommended and my scores went up dramatically after listening to hollier. I also had the LEIK book and there is a support page on face book for those studying for this exam you might want to search for :)
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    Why preceptors don't precept

    I will agree that you need a solid RN background, but that is for any school furthering on to NP. I had 9 years under my belt before I decided to go further. I hate to say it but some times, traditional schools don't work for the full time family oriented nurse, and this is just the way society is taking us. Gonzaga is an online for profit school and it doesn't seem to carry the stigma.
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    Why preceptors don't precept

    BS-just because you didn't go to one of those "crappy" schools does not make you any more qualified or high and mighty compared to others who did. I went the traditional route for my ASN and BSN and did not learn **** until I was in the work force. I was only as good as my preceptors that trained me-and thank god I had some excellent ones that did not carry your nasty opinion. You want high quality NP's coming into the work force, then I suggest you get off your soap box and precept if you are so damn good, but maybe you're not that good and no one should be learning from someone who has their ego and opinions so far up their ass.
  10. nursebay

    Why preceptors don't precept

    JUST FYI-Where I live they except 25 NP's per year PERIOD. the cut off date is Jan 15 of each year and its highly competitive. Personally I compared the local school to the "crappy schools" as you called and most of the learning is done with your preceptor. Have you been NP long enough that you don't remember your schooling days and your inexperience? Get off your high horse, YOU make the NP profession look bad ********. Remember there is a provider shortage and we all have to get there some how. Shame on you!
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    are you talking the MSN-FNP program or post graduate DNP (you are already an FNP)
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    anyone working in Williston, ND??

    i know this is old, but "man camps" don't usually allow family members to stay in the room. But as you have found out this boom has slowed.
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    Well.. Here goes a long shot

    There is a preceptor group on face book. join. Its very resouceful
  14. nursebay

    MN to Sanford

    have you tried their website.
  15. Anyone know what NP's get paid (new grad) in North Dakota? Just curious what I can honestly expect to get paid/offered. Thanks