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Charge nurse at a large residential summer camp (500+ campters) for past 5 years

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    Interview questions to ask Camp Director

    That's a great idea Alex mentioned about asking to speak to another nurse. They will speak your language. Also working there while your kids are campers brings a whole different set of things, such as are your kids ok with you doing it? Are your kids allowed to see you during the day, some camps are very strict others not so much. It can be an issue with homesickness for the kids who don't have parents there to see yours get to see you. You might find out more than you want to know about your kids counselors. í ½í¸€ my daughter and I started at camp when she was 10, and now she is off to college and I am still going! We worked the camper/parent thing pretty well.
  2. zzisaac

    I have no patience for this today!

    Similarly - I work at a summer camp and the minute the kid gets off the bus (he will be staying with us 24 hr/day for 4 weeks) he comes to the health center to have his toe checked out - he hurt it at home. I ask why he didn't get it looked at when he was at home, and he says "mom said to wait to get to camp and have you look at it".. Ok - this is the kind of camp that the parents can afford medical care - and sure enough, we ended up taking this kid all the way into the local town and found a provider, got an xray - yup - it was broken! wow.
  3. zzisaac

    Winter Activities

    Hey all - the camp nurse board seems quiet - I know we all have 'winter' lives - but just curious what others do in their 'down' time from camp to get ready for the next summer? I've been emailing with my director, and I know they are working on hiring now (I don't help with that unfortunately) and getting all the camp health forms revised and ready. I personally like to use my winter time to read articles, attend conference, and keep abreast of any changes in camp nursing practice.