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  1. Holmes adn vs Hinds adn

    I chose Holmes. I would have to say they are very personable and are more organized.
  2. Holmes adn vs Hinds adn

    You try both?
  3. Holmes adn vs Hinds adn

    I have been accepted into both programs and just not really sure. Any help or comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Hinds cc letters

    Hey sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! Orientation is May 5th. There isn't a form on accepting like there is with Holmes. If you do not want the seat you just let them know. The policy isn't quite a efficient as Holmes I would say.
  5. Hinds cc letters

    That's crazy
  6. Hinds cc letters

    Your mail ran yet? fingers Crossed and prayer said for you
  7. Hinds cc letters

    Thank you !!! No, it doesn't say anything like that. But if it makes u feel better mine wasn't mailed until yesterday.
  8. Hinds cc letters

    I got mine !!!!
  9. Hinds cc letters

    Now I'm really stressing now
  10. Hinds cc letters

    I interviewed at the Ridgeland campus. If you call they will tell you what number you are. But the students admitted have until June 1st to have everything completed.
  11. Hinds cc letters

    call and ask what went out on what day. it could be different campuses on different days
  12. Hinds cc letters

    well mine wasn't in the mail today
  13. Hinds cc letters

    I did. I completely bombed my interview bc I was a nervous wreck after waiting 2 1/2 hours to talk to the lady but I am 3rd on the alternate list there
  14. Hinds cc letters

    Im not sure, I know Holmes takes 50
  15. Hinds cc letters

    I have an associates degree and 24 ACT