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    Yes I think you're right. i'm not sure if it will be worth the extra debt. Plus, GCU still hasn't gotten back to transfer students about financial aid, which is making me worried. On the brighter side, I'm going to be meeting with the nursing advisor at Rutgers so hopefully I'll get a lot of things clarified.
  2. sakaki

    Transferring Nursing Schools

    When you start out at Rutgers, you really don't have to declare a major. This means that you can continue to finish up your nursing prereqs. It should not hard to get into most classes, since Rutgers offers so many classes every semester. Additionally, you must complete 24 credits at Rutgers and apply for a school-to-school transfer in order for the nursing school to review your application. They don't start looking at applications until June 1 and notifications will be out until June 30. As far as transferring credits goes, Rutgers is very picky (at least in my opinion). They may or may not accept all of your credits. Some people have had no problems getting their credits to transfer over, while some people end up losing credits. I guess it just depends. If you're thinking about majoring in public health, do your research first. Working in public health requires A LOT of experience (internships, traveling, research, etc.) and you WILL have to go to graduate school to even be considered for most entry-level positions. Besides that, public health is a very broad field that I personally find to be very interesting. If you have any questions, please PM me. I'm currently going through this process right now.
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    It looks like if I stay at Rutgers, it would still take me four years to earn the BSN, assuming that the credits accepted by the School of Arts & Sciences will be the only ones accepted by the School of Nursing. I've technically completed my prerequisites, with some classes taken at Rutgers and some others taken at another school. Rutgers is very picky and will give me transferable credits for some of my classes taken at the other school, but I don't think having a transfer credit is the same as having actual credit for a course? As for GCU, I need to make a decision by May 1. I'll have to pay $250 to reserve my spot. Would you be doing the ABSN program at New Brunswick or Newark? And how is the ABSN program different from the general BSN? Are the prerequisites the same?
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    Hello I am a new member on this site and I need some advice as to which direction I should take as I further my nursing education. I hope that someone reading this will be able to help me out. I am a transfer student at Rutgers and am currently a sophomore looking to transfer into their nursing program. As some of you may already know, in order to transfer into their nursing program, you must first complete 24 credits and apply for a school-to-school transfer after 1 year. I am currently in this process but, I do not find about any decision made on my application until June, which I think is very late. I am very tentative about staying at Rutgers because due to the high amount of students applying to Rutgers in general, I know that I must realize that despite having a good GPA, my chances of getting into their nursing school as a transfer student is very slim. My other concern is that if I do stay at this school, I will have to retake some classes that I worked very hard to earn A's in at my previous school (these classes include chemistry and microbiology and their associated labs). If I do get into their program, it will take me even longer to graduate and I am really not looking forward to retaking science classes that I have already completed. I really want to start my nursing classes by next year at the latest! If I don't get into their nursing program, I am really not sure what I am going to do because I really don't think that choosing another major will be worth it since that would mean losing even more of my hard-earned credits, thus delaying my graduation. For this reason, I also decided to apply to the Georgian Court Meridian Health School of Nursing. I was happy to hear that I got accepted into their Transfer Fast Track Program, which is 6 semesters long. It looks like this school will be accepting all of my credits and because of their partnership with Meridian, I think that this is a good program for me since I actually would like to work there one day. Additionally, I'll be able to start my nursing classes this fall, which is a plus for me! I can't wait to start clinicals, so I think the sooner I get to do rotations, the better it will be. I also like GCU because it's a small and quiet school, which is the complete opposite of Rutgers. My question is: Would it make sense for me to transfer again, this time to GCU? Or, should I just wait until June to hear back from Rutgers since I am already here, despite knowing that there is a high chance that I won't be accepted into their nursing program? Please give me your honest opinions. I am so worried and stressed out about what my next step should be. I would like to hear someone else's perspective about my situation.