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  1. lorain county community college nursing

    I mean every tests for class.
  2. lorain county community college nursing

    I am planning to go the lccc. How hard is the class test? I am struggling at tri-c nursing classes. I studied about 8 hrs average everyday. Most of tests are like nclex questions.I've been testing nclex everytime before the test, still didn't get the...
  3. lorain county community college nursing

    Anyone attending nursing program at Lccc? I know to know how hard is, comparing to the tri-c nursing program. Any advise will be help for me
  4. tri-c nursing student

    I am taking classes at Eastern. How about you?
  5. tri-c nursing student

    I will taking nurse 1300 and 1450 fall2015 at Cuyahoga community college. Does anyone knows what books really used in the class? On syllables, 11 books required. It's outrageous to buying all.
  6. fall 2015 nursing program at tri-c

    Thank u for your respond ...I should call them now
  7. I need help to prepare some documents. Tri-c required immunizations and background check and fingerprints check from verified credential website. I already submitted on March. Do I have to upload again? Because they said once upload it appear as "m...