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  1. bigjsnake

    CCSF Fall 2015 RN program

    My first time applying as well. Yea definetly over 50 but wondering we were on a different bracket such as 50-70 on standby In case a few accepted students either don't pass their teas, or just deny their admission for personal reasons. Just wondering how many of these standby letter there are and if there are different letters if let's say for the 100+ bracket applicants
  2. bigjsnake

    CCSF Fall 2015 RN program

    Received a letter stating I was on their standby list. maybe that means I'm more on the lower numbers around #50? Condition is I will have to take a teas test before may 7th deadline.. anyone else get this letter?
  3. bigjsnake

    Just received a letter

    Received a letter tonight stating I was on stand by for the fall 2015 semester. Condition was to complete the teas test by may 7th. I am so confused. I'm on a standby list. anyone else get the same letter? They said they will contact me as soon as a spot is available. Would this mean I have a better chance close to the #50 range? This is so scary!