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Just received a letter

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Received a letter tonight stating I was on stand by for the fall 2015 semester. Condition was to complete the teas test by may 7th. I am so confused. I'm on a standby list. anyone else get the same letter? They said they will contact me as soon as a spot is available. Would this mean I have a better chance close to the #50 range? This is so scary!

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Get the TEAS done, asap. Schools often have waiting lists, it means you missed out on being accepted by only a few slots. And people who do get accepted sometimes have life events happen that stops then being able to go that semester (fall for you). The next person on the waiting list then gets told to show up, at times even just a few weeks before the semester starts.

So, being told to have the TEAS test on record, means you have a fairly good chance of a later letter telling you you're in.

Yes I agree with the above comment. At my school we don't have a waiting list but we do have "alternates" who take the place of the accepted students who decide to attend a different school or cannot accept for whatever reason. I know that at my school the alternates have been called the day before classes start... I would hurry up and complete the TEAS! And maybe contact the nursing director at your school. He or she might be able to give you more accurate information!

The wait list around here is basically what the poster above as their alternates. At the school I was wait listed at, it was less than 20 students long and you got called up if one of their first choice applicants declined. I was accepted at another school that needs me to move forward so my spot on the wait list will get passed up, as I'm sure others will also experience. Definitely be ready.