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  1. Just started. I am 31.
  2. mama12

    Non trad nursing student

    Congrats! I, too, am a non-traditional student--2 kids, a goldendoodle, 2 cats. :) Welcome!
  3. mama12

    bombed a semester?

    I spent my first year in college at 18 bombing out and being placed on academic probation. I did end up eventually getting into two nursing programs, but that was after earning a BA in my mid-20s with high-ish GPA and then going back again and earning high grades in the pre-reqs. I would say, though, that it took at least two semesters of all As for my academic record to look sound again. I tend to think that a big turnaround over a period of time will look admirable, but who knows. Keep in mind, though, that even if a program states a minimum GPA/requires a C+ in pre-reqs/whatever, you will still be competing with students who earned As. Retake the classes, but figure out what you need to do to get Bs or As. Is it organization? Study habits? Do you need a tutor? If you want to get into nursing school, work your butt off and make it happen. :)
  4. I, too, was torn between nursing and social work. I was accepted to two nursing programs and a MSW for this fall and really struggled with what to choose. In the end, after lots of discussions and research, I realized there are just so many career opportunities in the nursing path that I couldn't see or find in social work. That said, go with your gut!
  5. mama12

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    I start this week. Must admit--feeling terrified!
  6. mama12

    Ethics question.

    Are you referring to Katie Duke and others such as Nurse Eye Roll (can't remember her real name)? I know they often promote scrubs and products. I never paid attention to whether they disclosed it but I know bloggers in general are required to disclose when they are paid or receiving products for free.