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  1. Scheduled my test .. ahhhh!

    I hope your test goes amazing and you pass. I know it is such a stressful and nerve-racking time. Stay focused!!!
  2. Scheduled my test .. ahhhh!

    I have actually been studying Kaplan since January. I dove into Kaplan very heavy after graduation In May, and bought Uworld about 3 weeks ago. So I won't just have 2 weeks of studying under my belt, but did want advice on how to attack this next wee...
  3. June NCLEX takers

    How was it? Did you pass?
  4. Scheduled my test .. ahhhh!

    I just received my ATT. I graduated April 30th and they submitted my transcripts on May 13th. I set my test date in Florida for June 22nd at 8 a.m. After I hit that submit button I started freaking out a little. I am so nervous. I have access to Kapl...