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  1. MCPHS (FNP) May 2016

    Hey all! I just applied to this program as I am concerned that I will not get accepted into my other choices. My question is how long from the time you applied did it take for you to have an interview? Also, just curious will everyone be applying for...
  2. Stony Brook FNP Interview

    @ Alikatz08, BSN, RN thank you! Fingers crossed!!! :)
  3. CCM Exam April 2016

    Can anyone recommend a good CCM review book?
  4. Stony Brook FNP Interview

    Thanks kpope01, RN! Just curious has anyone received a rejection email? Also, did the email come directly from SBU or Nursing admissions?
  5. Stony Brook FNP Interview

    Hey all I applied in August (FNP 2016 May Start), interviewed in October (group interview, apparently the first group to be interviewed for this term) and have yet to hear back from anyone. When I emailed the secretary she said to me that decisions w...
  6. School Nurse

    I need to interview a school nurse for one of my BSN courses. IS anyone available?