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    Drug Testing

    Engaging in any behavior off the job, given that you've got a decent time frame (10-12hrs) prior to start of shift, is totally acceptable. As long as you are 100% mentally there, you can give your best to care for your patients while on duty. I would never go out drinking all night, catch 3-4 hrs, and then start a 12hr shift all hungover and sleep deprived. I work in the ER and boy can I tell you how important it is to be A&Ox3 with a GCS of 15. I'm not supplementing nursing with a wild alternative lifestyle, I was just curious to hear from others in the field. When you really think about what is at the core of this thread, it boils down to: Is this person competent? Is this person cognitively alert? Honestly, if I ever had to undergo any type of procedure, I would easy choose a surgeon with the greatest success rate (with the smoking, drinking, cowboy lifestyle) over an average surgeon (with the church-going, tight whitey, everything by the book mindset). Know your ****, bring your A game, and have fun!
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    Drug Testing

    Exactly! I can't believe that one comment about the hospital banning smoking for its employees. I really hate how organizations are telling people how to live their lives off the clock. At work, I uphold my responsibility to demonstrate professionalism and advocacy for a healthy lifestyle, but when I'm at home doing my own thing no one tells me what to do. (except my girl, I guess) I don't smoke, but I can't even begin to imagine if people started telling me that I couldn't enjoy my craft beer.
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    Drug Testing

    Of course my career is more important. I just love getting the reactions of some of these people. However, I do wonder if Colorado nurses can smoke or still face hospital policy. If you're not doing it on the job...
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    Drug Testing

    Just curious how often your program tests, mine is at random. Not saying I do anything, but if I'm ever out in Colorado...
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    Do they check our medical records?

    Yeah, HIPAA got your back. Don't say nothing unless you are required to do so.
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    It's not my job to pray with you.

    I agree with your stance. If I ever encounter a situation like that I'll send for the chaplain. Nobody's forcing religion on me.
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    1st year nursing, ER or MED-SURG

    Yeah, go the ER route. If you want to work in a slower, less advanced area thereafter, you'll be way ahead of the pack.
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    ER nurses a different 'type' than others?

    I'm just a nursing student, but I could not see myself in nursing if I couldn't work ER or CCU. I'm greatly attracted to the pace and rigors of the ER and general floor nursing is so boring to me. I think that it draws certain personalities for sure.
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    Any tips for a new nursing student?

    1. Don't procrastinate 2. Study even when you think you don't need to 3. Form study groups 4. Buy a coffee maker 5. Keep a healthy lifestyle (good sleep, balanced diet)
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    Working in medical field while in nursing school??

    I think it's normal to be slightly nervous. Yes, you will have someone's life in your hands so to speak, but hopefully you were trained well in school and have good coworkers to help you out in times of need. I am a little bit OCD and worry how I will be with passing out meds. I like to double check a lot and I hope my worries won't become exacerbated when I'm working as an RN. I'd like to say that your anxiety should quiet down after a few more clinicals and if it doesn't maybe you should consider talking with someone. Good luck
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    What nursing specialty interests you the most for the future?

    This is true. Luckily, the ED at my hospital (level 2) has it's ER and a separate fast-track for the lower acuity cases. I'd much rather prefer working with the high acuity cases like the STEMIs and strokes we see on a consistent basis. We never have GSWs or penetrating traumas and I've only heard an actual trauma alert once. The adrenaline is more derived from working in a fast-paced, higher stress environment. I would probably go into a coma from how bored I'd be working on the floor, but I'm not going to work at an inner-city hospital that is level 1 designated just so I can be in on all the GSWs and stabbings from gang related violence.
  12. Hey, The program I'm attending used to allow top students to have first selection for their preferred clinical sites, but they changed their policy. Now, I'm stuck with whatever facility I'm assigned to. Are you guys offered a choice or assigned a site? I know of some programs that use lotteries to make things fair in a choice system, but seems like places are getting lazy nowadays and just assigning you somewhere.
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    Unsafe hospital, you should leave that place ASAP. Shame on them for reprimanding you, they must be idiots.
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    CNA/PCT Program

    It's easy to teach the course and submit all the documentation to the state, but getting the connections for students to do clinicals is hard. Most facilities have cc or university program's students there. If you started up your own you'd have to put in a lot of work to build a reputation and hope a facility is willing to give yours a chance.
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    Fun to use for self-learning but not marketable to date.