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  1. CSULA BSN Fall 2017

    Both last semester and this semester my classes have been 3 days a week. :) Thats including the upper division general education classes I'm also taking. I think there were a few people who had to do 4 days a week last semester. It depends on the lab...
  2. CSULA BSN Fall 2017

    That's frustrating. Yeah, as far as I know, it's the national percentile. And he didn't know what academic renewal is? That's so strange. That is definitely frustrating. That would make me worry too. Like you said, it's super important. I'm assuming ...
  3. CSULA BSN Fall 2017

    Yeah, there's a new guy. James? Jim? Something like that. He just took over for M.L. From what I've heard, he doesn't really know the ropes yet. M.L. still works at CSULA. I shoot her an email whenever I have a question. I'm sorry. That must be so fr...
  4. CSULA BSN Fall 2017

    I'm in the 2016 cohort! I will be happy to answer any questions you guys have. So far my experience has been good! First semester I did my clinicals at Cedars Sinai, and this semester I'm at White Memorial. I'm learning a lot! The administrative side...
  5. CSULA BSN Fall 2017

    As long as you take your teas in time to make the deadline, you're good. I took mine in December right before the app was due. I wouldn't recommend that lol cuz I didn't have a chance to retake them, but you can take them up until the last minute as ...
  6. CSULA BSN Fall 2017

    When I applied, I was in the same boat as you! I was taking phys until mid December. It was a time crunch for me to be able to get my transcripts in time, but it worked out fine :) our deadline was January 11. I'm not sure what it will be this year. ...
  7. CSULA BSN Fall 2017

    This sounds very familiar....like it came from the 2016 thread 😂
  8. CSUSB Fall 2016

    I just declined my spot. It was so hard to do even though I have a spot in another program! haha. Good luck to you all!!!! :)
  9. CSUSB Fall 2016

    yay! congrats. :)
  10. CSUSB Fall 2016

    Did you get your pre-reqs approved by the diff. departments at CSUSB? Seems like you would get in for sure :)
  11. CSUSB Fall 2016

    Thanks. :) I wouldn't worry too much! Mail delivery can be unpredictable! And some of us are giving up our spots! :)
  12. CSUSB Fall 2016

    I got mine with my Thursday morning mail :)
  13. CSUSB Fall 2016

    I got my acceptance letter in the mail today too! Feels great :) I already committed to LA. That was my first choice. So I will be declining my spot. Good luck guys! :)
  14. CSUSB Fall 2016

    Csula, right?! :)
  15. CSUSB Fall 2016

    I think they post a list on campus first? Anyone a current student?

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