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  1. palliative101

    hospice interview

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help with possible hospice interview questions. As I have an interview in 2 days. What types of questions should I be specifically prepared for? Thank you
  2. palliative101

    NCLEX and SATA

    Sorry, I don't know how to remove it now.
  3. palliative101

    NCLEX and SATA

    I don't know why I think it was impossible. Im just feeling so deflated right now. I also felt that my last question was one of the lower level questions, doesn't look to good for me right now. Thank you both for replying.
  4. palliative101

    NCLEX and SATA

    HI, did anyone pass the NCLEX with only 5-6 Sata Questions?
  5. palliative101

    NCLEX and SATA

    Hi, did anyone pass the NCLEX with only 5-6 SATA questions? Is it even possible?