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  1. Current State of Navy Nursing Recruiting

    I was told that ER wasn't needed as much since it is contracted to civilians. Also once you're accepted into the navy, can you switch specialty? Psych isn't what I want to be but it is so hard to find a job that I'm taking the job to get into the n...
  2. Navy Reserve Nursing

    does the Navy nursing corp have a need for psych nurse? I mean in the upcoming years of 16 or 17? anyone know this information? thanks
  3. Current State of Navy Nursing Recruiting

    does the navy need psyche RN? I got a job offer at a psych hospital but I want to make sure that I can get into the navy with psych experience. thank you for your help
  4. Navy NCP applicant for 2016 graduation

    what specialty is needed by the Navy for FY 2016? thanks
  5. Air Force Nurse/Age/Demand

    what specialty is needed by AF for FY 2016? thanks
  6. Graduate Nurse Interview tips?

    can you update on the your transition to Cheyenned regional medical center? Do you like the hospital/staffs? how is the living adjustment/rent/pays, etc... thanks
  7. Wyoming Medical Center's 2015 GN residency program

    Hi, how is the job at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center? are you liking the hospital and staff? I applied there and would like to know more if you don't mind sharing. Thanks
  8. Current State of Navy Nursing Recruiting

    thank you SnakeEyes for your comment. I hope the economy picks up and more jobs open up for new grads.
  9. Current State of Navy Nursing Recruiting

    thank you for your response SnakeEyes, I'm very determined to get into the Navy Nursing Corp however it is depressing as with the current market for a new grad it is very hard to get experience especially true where I am as it is very saturated. I'm...
  10. Current State of Navy Nursing Recruiting

    hi so is it better to start out at med/surg? i was told by my recruiter that I should be looking for critical care job as Navy not taking med/surg in recent years. Also for a new grad, what is your advice on how to go about in trying to get in? than...
  11. Navy Reserve Nursing

    hi Lt, is the Navy currently accepting new grad RN? thank you
  12. New Grad RN

    Hi everyone, thank you for your input. I'm a recent graduate and it is so hard to get a job as a new grad. I'm in California and the job market for new grad is horrendous. Anyone out there that are working or recent got a job as a new grad have an...