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  1. Buckhill

    Lehman College Fall 2019 Admissions

    Hey gang- I was just looking over all the documents we're required to submit the first day of orientation. Health Clearance Form=check CastleBranch Documents=check CPR=check .....Malpractice Liability Insurance= ???? This is the one I'm not sure about. On the "documents req for clinical placement & performance" sheet it's said that "all rn-bs AND NURSING STUDENTS" are required to submit this document. Hmmm....I'd rather not spend the $$$ if I don't have to. Any thoughts? Did I miss any other documents that are to be handed in next Wednesday? See y'all soon!
  2. Buckhill

    Lehman College Fall 2019 Admissions

    Hey gang, I'm really looking forward to meeting you all at Orientation in July! Speaking of Orientation, I believe we'll be taking a dosage calculation test. How are you all going to prepare for this test. Math has always been my nemesis and I'd like to prepare as much as possible. Thx!