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  1. New grad first interview

    Good day i am a new grad and this will be my first interview. It is on a med surg unit. I'm really nervous and any tips on how I should prepare will be greatly appreciated. thanks
  2. pass with 75 questions

    Thank you. I wish u all the best
  3. pass with 75 questions

    I took the nclex Rn on the 1st of July and received my quick results yesterday and passed.i just wanted to encourage everyone to study and everything will be fine. In my opinion I think I over studied but it is better to be over prepared than under p...
  4. Moving to las vegas

    Please how do you do the PVT
  5. I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions on the first try!!!

    Good day everyone. Please how do I do the PVT. I took the exam yesterday and this will be the longest 48hours of my life. I'm so nervous.
  6. Moving to las vegas

    I will be graduating in 2weeks and I wanted to find out the best time to apply for new grad jobs in Las Vegas. I visited a couple of hospitals last week but most nurse managers were out of the office. I am willing to start anywhere to gain experience...
  7. new grad jobs

    Thank you. I will keep that in mind when searching.
  8. new grad jobs

    I will be graduating May 2015 and I wanted to find out about jobs in las vegas. I don't seem to see any postings for new grads and im getting scared. Most jobs I search require atleast one year experience. Any tips on how I can prepare for this. Than...