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  1. So 2015 Ace student and I will tell you 1. You first quarter bill, please understand that drexel outsourced their finis coal aid department so getting a straight answer is not the easiest. Also if you are forming your first quarter bill is around 16k because of all the fees and charges. 2. My class is about 200 students and I know not all but only half will make it. 3. You will have a full mandatory day of orientation about 4 days before you start, mine was a Thursday. 4. You will hear things you didn't hear like 95 is needed on your medmath test 1st quarter or they will withdraw you from the program. 5. Even past students at the orientation only one was working and passed his board. He was bio/neuro in his past degree. 6. Makes nurses will now be catered because a) they make more and b) a presentation for them was given 7. Emails are still going out about classes now being switched to online and what uniform we are supposed to wear. 8. You will feel rushed and thrown to the Wolves this is apparent in orientation. While they have many tutors and faculty if you need help, it's better to use a buddy. 9. Sites are random, so some are sent to bucks county, Westchester it's just really random 10. You will have clinical a at night and also on the weekends.
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    Drexel ACE fall 2015

    Ok here is what I can tell you about ACe and what they don't tell you, everyone usually gets into the program as long as you meet the requirements and they have space. You need to know that since its 2nd degree you can't really get federal aid. I did mine from Sallie and it was expensive. Third even after you get in you can still get kicked out 1st quarter because of medmath you need 95 on test and they only give you 2 chances to take the test. They don't tell you until you are sitting in orientation the day before you start.

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