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ECRNICU has 9 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. USF DNP CRNA 2021

    I interviewed that day but haven’t heard anything yet ??
  2. USF DNP CRNA 2021

    Just got an email for an interview!! I hear there’s still spots left! Hang in there!
  3. Advent Health University CRNA 2022 cohort

    I applied the first day it opened ?! Waiting to hear something. Fingers crossed.
  4. Barry University SCRNA 2021

    Congratulations to everybody accepted! I applied and was denied this round but I’ll keep trying for next year! 4 years MSICU at a Level 1 Trauma, 3.6 graduate GPA in an AGACNP program that I’m not passionate about, CCRN, charge and preceptor experien...
  5. What is it like in your hospital right now?

    In Florida, hospital on lockdown for visitors, employees starting to come up positive, told not to wear a mask on my unit because we will “scare” the patients, screening employees coming in....... I’m very worried about myself and my family if I get ...
  6. CRNA School with a young family

    That's amazing Lovetoker22!!! I wish the programs in my area weren't 3 year programs. All three schools have transitioned over to the DNP this upcoming program. We will be in similar situations when I start (hopefully), except I'll be in school longe...
  7. CRNA School with a young family

    Thank you all for your responses. This has definitely given me a lot to think about and consider. I really appreciate you guys!
  8. CRNA School with a young family

    Exactly. I figure that there are 24 hours in a day and it should be quite doable to make time for the things that are important. I hear people all the time say that "you neglect your family for 3 years" and "it takes all your free time" blah blah but...
  9. CRNA School with a young family

    Hello Everyone! I have a question that I am wanting other perspectives on. I am a MSICU RN at a Level 1 Trauma Center and have been for about 1.5 years. As you can see from the title, I am wanting to go to CRNA school; have wanted to for some time n...
  10. Hello all, I have a bit of a dilemma. I was just hired at a Level 1 Trauma Center in ICU which I am soo excited about. However, I wanted to stay at my current job in Med/Surg PRN. The reason I am hesitating is because the training for ICU is 9 week...